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Back To Nature Bushcraft DaysWe all enjoyed our visit to the woods and the day we spent with you. When we arrived there were some screams coming from some of the younger carers about how the mud was going to ruin their shoes but we all expected a wonderful day.

As we sat around the fire pit for the safety talk we could tell the day was going to be full of interesting facts and know how for survival in the forest. The safety talk was short and sweet with all the important information squeezed into about 20 minutes.

Once we got over the fact that we were to spend the day in complete isolation from the outside world it was time to make individual fires! We started small with the carers splitting into small groups of three and four, the older carers decided to take the challenge head on splitting into two groups.

The first group ( group A) got started right away, collecting all the dry twigs they could find while the other group (group B) watched the demonstration to get to grips with the fire steel. After group A came back they started to bundle up all the dry wood into small piles. Group B got split up and covered a larger area and in no time had a little pile of their own. Group B got their fire going but couldn’t keep it going while group A couldn’t even get it started.

After a while all the young carers were able to conjure up a small flame and we move on to making the larger camp fire. Hannah helped us to gather a lot of dead wood to place in the fire pit in a tee-pee shaped fire. When the fire got going the staff provided us with marshmallows so we could ‘nom nom nom’ as James put it. After the marshmallows we were split up into 3 groups and began building our shelter. Me and Michael went into the forest and began to create our own shelter.

After some time we were told to stop constructing our shelters and head back into the camp. Hannah took a picture of the winning shelter (sadly it wasn’t ours) and we said our goodbyes to Hannah and left for the journey home.

Michael (16) and James (15)

Score: 4 out of 5

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