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Family Bushcraft Days


We offer a number of different days the whole family can enjoy.

Family Fire & Shelter Adventure Camp

Fire And Shelter Day
10am - 3pm


In Just One Day… You’ll Discover Everything You’ll Ever Need To Know… To build a Warm, Dry Shelter and Light a Roaring Fire”


On this course, you’ll learn about building shelters and lighting fires. And it’s important for you to get these off-pat, because in a survival situation, these are your first two BIG priorities.

So you’ll be shown, step by step, how to make fires and shelters - quickly and easily - using whatever’s around you.

Enjoying hot chocolate after a busy time shelter building.Winter wonderland was the setting for the February family bushcraft day

And Like Anything Else In Life… It’s Easy Once You Know How!

By the end of the course, you’ll feel a lot more confident in the woods - be able to knock up a quick shelter - and conjure up a nice, warm fire to cook your Marsh Mallows on!

On this action packed course, you’ll learn: 

  • The ideal type of fire to build. We’ll show you a quick and easy way to build a fire that’s simple to light - easy to keep going - and burns nice and hot. This is an essential skill to learn. 

  • Where to find and gather an endless supply of DRY firewood… even if it’s been RAINING. Even if the ground’s wet and damp - you’ll know exactly where to look - and WHAT to do - to find DRY wood for a roaring fire.

building woodland sheltersFamilies Learning How to Build Shelters & Make FiresMaking Debris Shelters

  • 3 ways to build a “debris” shelter that’ll keep you warm… dry… and as “snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug.” Once you know these 3 simple shelters - you’ll be able to adapt themfor use in many situations. 

  • A quick and easy way to light a roaring fire… WITHOUT matches or a lighter. Just by using a special pocket size fire lighting “tool” - you’ll never have to worry about losing a gas lighter - or trying to use damp soggy matches - EVER again. We’ll show you what this tool is - and more importantly - HOW to use it. It’s so simple to use - even when its WET. 

  • The best place to build your shelter. Get this WRONG… and you could end up cold and wet. Let’s face it: No one likes sitting anywhere that’s damp or wet. You’ll know how to find the BEST place to build your shelter -- so you’ll be warm and dry.

building woodland shelterskids have fun in the wood
  • Where to find the best and DRIEST tinder… in the most UNLIKELY places. It’s easy once you know WHERE to look. Even in wet conditions, it’s easy to find dry tinder to start your fire. We’ll show you what to look for and how to use it.

“...thank you so much for the lively and entertaining day the whole family had on your Fire and Shelter day. My grandson enthused about his adventures over the next two weekends, cornering anyone prepared to listen to the fire lighting with black cotton and a fire stick...”

Valerie, Kent UK

  • The Drum Stalk. Using all your senses to move around the woods - blindfolded to the sound of a drum! This exciting Nature Awareness game will switch you on to experiencing nature in a completely new way. 

  • And much… much… more.

Summer Families Fire & Shelter Camp

This Sounds GREAT! How Do I Book!


The course is run in a beautiful woodland location near Canterbury, Kent. 

If you can see yourself and your family having fun and learning some valuable skills -- then book right NOW by clicking on Add to Cart to securely pay through Pay-pal or pick up the phone and give me a call.

Other Information
Bring a packed lunch and drink. Marshmallows or chocolate and bananas to cook on the fire. 
Wear Outdoor clothes suited to the weather conditions and do expect to get muddy
Directions & kit list will be sent via email on booking
Event timing 10am-3pm (arrive 15 minutes before start time)
At least one adult must attend with each party
We would appreciate it if you could car share if possible to reduce traffic coming into woodland

No course dates currently planned,

please contact us now for future events.

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