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Family Wilderness Three Day CampDear Hannah,

What a wonderful 3 days you gave us out in those wonderful woods. Days that seemed to hold all that's important - new learning, fun, spiritual satisfaction, natural living, relationship. We loved every minute of it and all believe it to have been the highlight of our holidays. Thanks _so_ much. We will carry on all of that in to our future lives - funny how someone can have such an impact in such a short and condensed time. You must have affected many lives through this work. Amazing!

It was great to meet you and your team of helpers. You ran a brilliant camp that was organised without seeming regimental and I only wish you weren't so far away or we'd be back for your day courses too.

I hope you enjoy the winding down of the summer and wish you so much luck for future courses and your life in general. It was a delight to meet you.

With gratitude from us all,

Isabel Burford

Score: 5 out of 5

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