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Family Wilderness Three Day CampDear Hannah,
The weekend was fabulous. Alex was chattering about it all the way home, and we've already bought a fire pit to practice fire making (our garden doesn't lend itself to actually building a fire). I'll be gathering wood tomorrow. Getting a chance to practice skills I've read about in theory all my life was brilliant, and showed the real difference between theory and practice. I also found it very interesting to see the way we existed rather as a tribe, rather than in the individual nuclear families we're used to. I also noticed how strong the smells of detergent and perfumes were when we got home!

All in all a wonderful learning experience and a real delight for both my daughter and I. Please pass our heartfelt thanks on to everyone who was helping out. Also, I've managed to lose the list of upcoming courses you handed out at the end of Sunday so if you could email that I'd be very interested - this is a part of my life I want to grow!

Thanks again

Julian and Alexara.

Score: 4 out of 5

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