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Mindfulness in NatureDear Hannah,

Thank you for a truly special Nature Awareness Day, please lets do some more!

Being in the woods with your gentle, wise and knowledgeable guidance was of such value and enjoyment in my life.

After having found and reconnected with 'my' tree and chose it as my Sit Spot, I fully let go and relaxed into its warmth and shelter. I felt such peace and truly let go of my chattering, thinking mind - such a blessing!

It was magical to sit in a circle on the bed of young shooting bluebells and white wood anemones and do the Plant meditation and listen to the plants 'speak' and give guidance - I guess that could sound a bit dippy or bonkers, but you cannot deny peoples experience and information!

For me, experiencing these things that calmly build my intuition and confidence in the natural world, seems the path of the true human being. I felt so 'at home' in the woods

warm regards,


Score: 5 out of 5

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