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The following survival course is recommended by Natural Pathways, please contact Islay Birding and Bushcraft if require any futher details.

Islay Bushcraft

Islay Journeyman– in the footsteps of….

Join us at Islay Birding and Bushcraft for a most challenging and rewarding wilderness experience. Based on a Hebridian island you will spend five exciting days. Where emptiness and wilderness reign and the mountains drop down to the sea. Islay: the mystical land of single malt and fantastic wildlife.

Five days discovering, exploring, and conserving this rare place while also sharing your experiences around our friendly campfire. Travelling by foot along majestic stretches of empty coastline you will learn how to forage for food, sleeping in caves and ultimately follow the footsteps of the ancients.

This is not a course for the faint hearted or the inexperienced, and as such, we recommend you acquire some basic bushcraft knowledge by attending the excellent courses run by either of the schools listed on our links page. Also, it is advised that a reasonable level of physical fitness is required.

As well as beautiful beaches you will be travelling across remote moorland, and while travelling light you will be expected to carry your own equipment, cooking on open fires, collecting shellfish and seaweed, catching fish and bivalves you will be putting your knowledge into real practice.

The first two days will be conducted at a base camp and will allow us to introduce you to the locale whilst we all share skills, develop the group and becoming at ease with the new remoteness whilst being comfortable in the nature. Then we journey beyond the horizon, quickening the expectations, giving the opportunity to marvel and imagine.

Following, and building upon, our values of leaving no trace we will be removing all waste, working with ReJIG, the local recycling group, to ensure that the environment we enjoy stays enjoyable for future generations.

There may even be the opportunity to get a John Muir Award.

Less is More - Simplicity is not what you take but what you return with!

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Forthcoming Event

Date:Saturday 2nd March 2019
Starts: 9.30amEnds: 4pm
Location:Woodland near Canterbury, Kent

Type:One Day Bushcraft Course
With:Carol Hunt
Bookings:Per Person

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