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Two Day Flint Knapping Course in Kent with Will Lord

Weekend Flint Knapping CourseThe small group ranged in age and experience from alert pre-teen,
through total office based literally 'never put up a tent before'
(help was given), experienced wild camp weekenders, to me. I am SO
glad to have done this course before I got too old. In my case being
over 70 is not too old.

The sessions included making a flint hand axe, making an arrow with
shaft, head, and fletch, a wood handled axe with binding and resin
glue - cordage used included local nettles stems - an antler bone
handled knife. I would have been more than satisfied to have made even
one of these. The other three were a bonus and a tribute to the well
designed two day experience.

I now have a good understanding of what can be done with a head sized
chunk of flint. How a certain single skillful blow can magically
create a desired knife blade, or an axe head, and only a few
subsequent blows would be needed to make a durable tool. It took me a
full first day to grasp a basic approach, with some some joy, and some
admitted frustration. For my efforts I then had a couple of hand axes
which were recognisable although lacking the elegance of skill. And I
had also - lot of 'useless' flakes and pieces. Surprisingly, the
second day showed how very useful some of those pieces could be.

Later sessions used my new found experiences to good effect, and the
day raced along, with much more to actually show. A previously
discarded flint shard piece proved to be an excellent paring knife to
shave and work a green wood arrow shaft.

This all was my dream come true. It was a revelation to see that stone
age life (typically mesolithic) had so much skill, experience and
obvious planning, (along with effort).

I am deeply grateful for the experience offered and so glad to have
taken part in these sessions.

Score: 5 out of 5

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