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Three Days Discovering Bushcraft For Women

Women's Bushcraft Course - 3 Day CampFirst Natural Pathways Women's Bushcraft course – May 2007

As someone who really is nourished by nature and the outdoors, I really wanted to develop and learn new skills. After looking forward to the first Natural Pathways Women's Bushcraft course for over two months and despite the 'traditional' English camping weather, I finally found myself in the woods with Hannah's beaming face telling me I was the first to arrive.

Part of the reasoning of choosing this particular course was the lack of men! Don't get me wrong I don't dislike them, but felt like I would accomplished more within an all female environment.

In the pouring rain we attempted making a shelter (which we weren't brave enough to sleep in). Some of the other highlights for me were the tree exercise (you'll have to go on the course to find out!), learning how to tie new knots and gutting and grilling fish on the open fire (a first for me).

The course was as wonderful as I expected but in a completely different way. We learnt a huge amount and I am still surprised at how much I retained of what was often a very challenging agenda.

Meeting all the women instructors was really inspiring, certainly the whole course was food for the soul. I now feel that when I go camping in the future, I can take less and enjoy more - making better use of my natural surroundings.

Score: 5 out of 5

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Date:Friday 26th June 2020
Starts:Friday 1pm
Ends:Sunday 3pm
Location:Woodland Near Canterbury, Kent

Type:Three Day Bushcraft Course
With:Natural Pathways
Bookings:Per Person

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