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Three Days Discovering Bushcraft For Women

Women's Bushcraft Course - 3 Day CampBooking my Womanís Bushcraft course in Kent with Natural Pathways = Excitement!

-Setting out on a rainy day with a less than ideal weather report = Trepidation!-

I learnt many things that weekend but Iím not too sure how many I could remember now, there was a lot to learn! Somehow that doesnít seem important, as what the weekend has done more than anything is re-awakened a curiosity about not just relaxing and recharging in nature, but actually living a life in harmony with nature, and giving me a renewed respect for our ancestors and those people who even today live life in this manner. I was also struck by how little I generally use senses other than vision in my life.

The weekend also provided an unexpected mirror of how I was in my ordinary life, what situations block me, when I stop listening and disengage, believing I canít do something.
I was astounded to realise that I could, with some help and instruction:

Build a debris shelter from scratch that would remain upright and relatively dry , and that it didnít matter whether I slept in it or not, building it was achievement enough

Make fire by friction

Build or make anything Ė tools, baskets from raw materials, not considering myself a practical person at all!

Most importantly these lessons were learnt in a beautiful setting with expert tuition, amazing food baked in an open fire, and in good company with a lot of laughter.

Score: 5 out of 5

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Date:Friday 26th June 2020
Starts:Friday 1pm
Ends:Sunday 3pm
Location:Woodland Near Canterbury, Kent

Type:Three Day Bushcraft Course
With:Natural Pathways
Bookings:Per Person

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