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Teaching courses in primitive technology

On our bushcraft courses you will learn how to build a woodland shelter, lighting fire by friction, wilderness first aid, survival techniques, pressure releases, and cordage.

We provide wilderness therapy for young people by demonstrating survival techniques & promoting self awareness, helping young adults come face to face with their true abilities.

We have survival training exercises to teach you about edible plants, fishing, foraging, hunting, purifying water and animal behaviour on several of our survival courses. Natural Pathways also provide corporate team building events in the countryside providing training on tracking, trapping, fire, wild food & herbs to name but a few of the activities available.

Our bushcraft course are high quality and exceptional value but if you are looking for some really cheap survival courses we suggest you try one of our taster events first.

Natural Pathways was set up in 2002 and in the last years has successfully run bushcraft courses and camps in nature awareness for many groups, organisations and schools throughout the county.

Bushcraft Courses by Natural Pathways

Natural Pathways Bushcraft has been established since 2002 and offer courses that appeal to many different people from all walks of life. Perhaps you’re keen to learn bushcraft and survival skills so you can experience the natural environment in confidence, maybe you’re a keen walker or backpacker who wishes to be better equipped for the wild, a parent who wants their child to be confident sleeping out under the stars, a teacher who feels learning survival skills are an essential part of education or possibly you’re a youth worker who believes that youngsters learning to work together as a team in a natural environment is a crucial part to your programme or even a company director who wants a fun day out with your staff.

We provide a broad range of Survival Bushcraft and Nature Awareness Courses conducted in the depths of Kentish woodland, below is a brief description of some of what we offer.

Adult Courses

Discovery Basic Survival - This stimulating and informative bushcraft course covers the basic and essential skills of Wilderness Survival, Bushcraft and Nature Awareness. Natural Pathways’ instructors will guide, support and encourage as you embrace the skills. Blowing Tinder Into Flame
We believe it is essential that you have plenty of practical hands on experience in-order for you to be able to master each skill so subsequently you feel confident and at home in a natural environment. This course is ideal for anyone new to bushcraft or anyone wanting to brush up on their skills.

Forage and Fire  - Foraging wild edible plants connects us to nature and the landscape! Lucia Stuart and Hannah Nicholls will guide you on your own foraging journey, from land to plate. You will be foraging seasonal edible plants, berries, barks, seeds, roots. We will process them back at camp and cook a three course meal on the campfire. 

Staff Making Day - Make your own beautiful, unique Walking Staffs.

Recently, far more women are taking an interest in Bushcraft and want to ...also our favourite bushcraft books learn about these fascinating earth living skills. As a result of this change some women were expressing a desire to learn these skills in the company of other women, so in 2007 Natural Pathways launched their first ever Women’s Discovery Course. Female instructors run this course providing lots of practical hands on experience in a relaxed environment.

Natural Pathways is well known for their Wilderness Family Camps ...provides a fun, safe learning experience and provides a fun, safe learning experience for the whole family. We believe in keeping our camps small and creating a small community in the woodland. Cooking on fires, building shelters, exploring and playing together adds to this memorable family experience. We offer a Weekend Family Bushcraft Camp and a Three day Wilderness Family Camp.
Other Family Events include our Childrens Mini Survival Adventure, a three hour event for your budding young bushcrafters to create their own Survival Camp plus a more in depth bushcraft course our Family Bushcraft Day and our Wildlife Skulls, Scats and Tracks family day. A day of discovery, learning about our wild native animals. All these events are repeated throughout the year.

Children aged 10 and over can also attend the Foraging and Wild Cooking and Staff Making events.

For many years now we have provided programmes for many organisations that work with youth groups. Our events provide the opportunity for groups to work together in a natural environment assisting them in problem solving, communication, building confidence and self esteem.

The natural environment provides many opportunities for learning and is the depths of Kentish woodlandan invaluable educational resource. Many of the subjects covered in bushcraft and nature awareness are linked with the national curriculum. Our school programmes are flexible enough to meet any teacher’s needs and events can be designed to compliment school subjects.

Nature Connected Life Coaching. Hannah offers out-door based life-coaching near Canterbury in Kent or video-call coaching for those who don't live near-by.

Through Amazon we have a varied catalogue of bushcraft equipment whether you are looking for a gift or buying for yourself there is lots to choose from. 

Likewise, we list our favourite books on bushcraft / survival and related subjects to help you find the best literature.


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