Bushcraft Testimonials

Three Days Discovering Basic Bushcraft Skills in beautiful woodland locations

Discovery - Basic Survival - 3 Day CampI had a great experience on the Discovery course I attended, we camped in some beautiful woodland and made ourselves survival shelters (I even slept in mine!!), we learnt the priorities of survival including how to make fire, in fact they stated that everyone would make fire with the bow drill by the end of the course, I had my doubts, but we all did it!!.

We covered an awful lot on the course, there was clearly some trouble fitting it all in over the 3 days. The days were quite long with early starts & activities would continue into the evening. Yet at the finish I was thinking 'is it over already', I could have done another 3 days.

I will definitely go back for more.

Score: 4 out of 5

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