Bushcraft Testimonials

Three Days Discovering Basic Bushcraft Skills in beautiful woodland locations

Discovery - Basic Survival - 3 Day CampThank you for this wonderful weekend.

It is indeed a discovery course of ourselves the world we live in and our place in it. In just 2 days we got a taster of what bushcraft really is and how life would've been in the forest.

I found 3 very good friends around a campfire in the Kent woods who could live from the land quite easily who created an amazing vibe and atmosphere throughout the course. They were walking encyclopedias of the forest and were passionate about passing this knowledge to other people. Each of them more passionate about different aspects of bushcraft showed me how vast and amazing bushcraft really is.

We had a taste of the basic practical skills a woodsman needs to live comfortably in the forest and an amazing introduction to nature awareness which apparently is what really connects us with nature.

Hannah Lief and Sally I will always thank you for proving to me through this course that I took the right decision to leave everything behind and study this amazing subject bushcraft

All the Best


Score: 5 out of 5

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