Photo Gallery
Family Survival Courses

Photos to trigger memories of that exciting time on your families bushcraft event

  • Family Wilderness Camp
    July 2010 3 Day Camp
  • Family Bushcraft Weekend
    June 2010
  • Fire by friction -
    father and son
  • Family Bushcraft Camp
    June 2009
  • Parachute becomes a
    class room Family bow-drill session

  • Family Bushcraft Camp
    June 2008
  • Wide angle vision Useful skill when observing wild life
  • Large family Lean-to
    shelter families learning bushcraft
  • Learning useful
    bushcraft skills Making bowls with embers
  • Child learning knife

  • Family fun playing games
  • Teepee fire demo
  • Children learning about
    animal skulls and skins
  • Rabbit Childrens wild life session
  • Badger track Children learning about animal tracking

  • Bushcraft Family Camp
    July 09
  • Family Wilderness Camp
    August 2009
  • Family fire by friction
  • Children learning fire
    by friction
  • Animals, tracks and more

  • Tracking Tunnelling
  • Burning bowls around the camp fire
  • Bushcraft Event Tent
    Village Amidst the trees
  • Fire building
  • Shelter Building Frame going up

  • Shelter Building The frame
  • Beginning the Shelter
    Building Construction
  • Shelter Building Getting stuck in
  • Children learning
    survival skills
  • Shelter building Under way

  • Shelter Building
  • Shelter Building
  • Shelters complete
  • Shelter Building Another complete
  • Shelter Building All warm and cosy

  • Shelter Cul de Sac
  • Shelter Building Done at last
  • Shelter Building Warn out but very satisfied
  • Bushcraft Shelter
  • Skulls, skins, bones and

Family Camp

Two, Three and Four Day Bushcraft Courses

These Families Bushcraft Events can include fire building, friction fire lighting, ways to build a “natural debris” shelter, tracking animals and their movements, silent movement, nature awareness, how to use a knife safely, identify & use plants and trees, cordage and more.

A brilliant camp for the whole family.