Family Wilderness Adventures

"Great Courses for You and Your Children To Discover The Secrets And Natural Wonders Of the Countryside"

 These exciting courses for you to introduce your children to the wonders and mysteries of the countryside.

You and your family will learn a range of skills you'll NEVER forget

Now I just want you to take a minute and think back to your own childhood -- and how you used to think nothing of playing in -- and exploring -- your neighbourhood and the surrounding countryside.

Debris Shelter


Remember those bygone days when everything was so much simpler? It just seems like yesterday when you became fascinated with everything in the natural world.


Now I'm sure you'll agree that THESE days -- children have become disconnected from -- and have little hands-on experience of -- the simple wonders and hidden secrets all around us.

fun in leaves

I've put together some courses that'll show you and your children how to look after yourselves --

and really connect with nature. 

And I'll bet you really WOULD love your children to experience all those things you experienced as a child. Experiences that stimulate your sense of smell -- taste -- hearing -- sight - touch and adventure.

So these courses give you and your family a chance to SHARE the experience of learning Bushcraft skills -- and the thrill of exploring the natural world TOGETHER.

So what's so good about a family orientated course?

bowingJust being TOGETHER as a family… and sharing this type of experience will leave you with fond LIFELONG memories.

That's why my courses let you do things TOGETHER as a family… so you SHARE the experience of talking together, laughing together and achieving together.

You and your family can choose from a series of Touching the Earth Days; each day covering different exciting subjects from Bushcraft to Animal Tracking and Nature Awareness, or if you really want to experience nature up close there's our Weekend Survival Camp in Spring half term or our three day Wilderness Family Camp at the beginning of Summer holidays.  
Bushcraft Adventure PartiesOur three hour Mini Survival Adventures for children aged 6 and over are very popular, the children discover how to create a survival camp and how to cook their lunch over the camp fire.
If its an exciting Outdoor birthday party you are looking for, please contact us for details.

Children aged ten and over can also attend Flint Knapping events with pre-historic man, Will Lord and our Staff Making day with Andrew Duncan, maker of the Merlin and Witches Staffs from the BBC Merlin Series.

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Family Wilderness Adventure Survival Course in the UK, a 1 day course covering fox tracking, survival shelters, making fire the old way, making ropes, knowing & useing wild plants. A fun day for the kids & adults alike.

Forthcoming Families Course

Date:Saturday 9th December 2023
Starts: 10amEnds: 1pm
Location:Natural Pathways Woodland

Address:Woodland Near Canterbury, Kent

Type:One Day Bushcraft Event
Bookings:Per Person

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