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Three Day Wilderness Tracking Course

Footsteps TrackingThanks for the emails. Great to hear that Tracking 2 is on the cards at some point, and it gives me some time to work on what I've learnt so far :)

I really enjoyed the weekend. As I said at the time, I think the way it broke down into different activities and disciplines worked really well. Working on animal tracks, human sign and energy tracking proved a great mix, and I felt each part helped you learn something about the others. At no point did any aspect of the course or the people upon it become overbearing, and I think that's quite an achievement.

With such a 'military' presence on the course, I guess it could have been easy to simply opt for a straight forward 'look for this sign, then this sign, then this sign' approach, and I'm really glad you didn't. I think the energy element really started something for the army boys, and I know that for myself as a 'civilian' there are things I can take away from being in their company.

All in all, a great course that can appeal to the broadest number of people due to its varied and wide ranging content.

Anyway, thanks once again. Good luck with lots more Tracking 1s, and roll on Tracking 2 :)

All the best,

Score: 4 out of 5

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