How to pack pop up tents.

Pop up tents are great for very rapid erection and nearly as quick to take down, so long as you know the method. As many struggle with that we hope our quick tent packing procedure given here will help.

You are best advised to practice this pop up tent packing technique before you leave for your trip, as struggling in the wet when you don't know how is not great.

The method is easy, but its not 'natural' so read through first, as if you try what you think should work you could easily break your tent!

  • Remove all tent pegs and wrap up the guide ropes with the method shown on Natural Pathways courses.

  • Leave your inner and outer tent zips open about 8 inches to allow air to escape.

  • Gather together all the loops at the top of the tent into one hand, holding in the middle.

  • Rotate the tents fibreglass poles (loops) in your hand so they are all vertical.

  • You should now have two large loops, one at the top and one at ground level, one of these will have a elasticated packing strap attached, make sure its the bottom one.

  • Take the top loop in your other hand and gently bring down rotating outward, then in toward your other hand, as if tucking it in.

  • As you complete the above you should find the whole set of loops naturally lowers to the ground. With some tents its necessary to ensure the loops overlay each other as they lower to the ground.

  • You should now find you have a number of loops flat on the ground (you may need to expel air in the tent) gather all these loops together.

  • Fasten the gathered loops together with the elasticated packing strap which will likely now be under all the loops, on the ground.

  • Thats it!! you should now find your pop up tent fits easily into its bag.

This is a general guide on how to pack a pop up tent, always refer to your tents instruction manual first.

Take care, do not force anything, if done correctly the parts of your tent will move into position naturally.

Bonus Tip: If your guide rope toggles ever get broken/lost just use the figure of four knot (as practiced on Natural Pathways courses) to replace.

Natural Pathways provides this advise as a guide only and cannot be held responsible for any damage due to procedures not in accordance with manufacturers instructions.

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