Women's Discovery Course

Basic Bushcraft/Survival Skills &

Nature Awareness Course for Women

"The  UK’s First…Women-Only Bushcraft Course”

2023 - 18th-20th August
6pm Friday till 3.30pm Sunday
Location: private woodland near Cantebury, Kent

Ever wished you could learn and practice Bushcraft and Wilderness Survival Skills - in a relaxed female group?
I’ve put together an exclusive women-only course that allows you to do just that and no previous experience is required.

From my own experiences - and listening to your needs - it’s clear that there is a need for women to learn these valuable earth-living skills and connect deeply with nature within a relaxed, supportive and nurturing atmosphere.

Within the heart of a beautiful, peaceful woodland where you can only hear the sounds of nature and the hum of women learning together - you’ll be shown vital wilderness survival skills - at a relaxed pace - in an exclusive all woman group with lots of hands on experience.

During the course you will discover: 
  • Four Priorities: Learn what they are and how important they are in any survival situation.

  • The ideal type of fire to build: You’ll be shown a quick and easy way to build a fire that’s simple to light -- easy to keep going - and the best way to get a hot fire for cooking, an essential skill to know.

  • 3 ways to build a “debris” shelter that’ll keep you warm… dry: Once you know these 3 simple survival shelters - you’ll be able to adapt them for use in many situations.

    Fire by Friction: Making fire from scratch!
    You'll be shown step by step how to... make a simple “Bow Drill” set…how to use it and the technique used to make a “coal”…and how to blow a “tinder bundle” into flames.  We will support and guide you through the process as you try your hand at fire by friction. We want you to make fire....and will give you encouragement and guidance each step of the way. Once you've achieved fire...you’ll feel an incredible sense of achievement and joy!

  • Where to FIND water… even when the ground’s as dry-as-a-bone You’ll be shown how to gather water -- even if you can’t find any rivers, streams or pools nearby. 
  • How to move easily through woodland… as SILENTLY as a Fox. Moving around silently is a useful skill. You’ll discover why and how .....and will have the opportunity to practice your silent movement during an exciting night exercise

  • How to make string and cords from the prickliest and stingiest plants in the forest. Using plant fibres -- you can make good strong cords and string to tie things together. This’ll come in very handy for all sorts of things around the camp

  • Cooking on an Open Fire:  The centre of the camp is the campfire circle and here we will cook delicous meals together. This is a great opportunity to learn about managing a campfire and to master campfire cooking skills

  • Identify Plants and Trees: An essential survival skill, you’ll learn about the various plants and trees around you - and how to use them. For instance: One common tree has leaves that contain a natural soap. Very handy for washing your hands after building your shelter! You’ll discover what this tree is and learn about many other plant uses on a plant walk seeing the plants in their natural habitat
  • Nature Awareness & the Sit Spot: Using our innate senses to connect with the stillness of nature and let wildlife come close to you

  • Drum Stalk: Using all your senses to move around the woods - blindfolded to the sound of a drum!

  • Silent Movement & Peripheral Vision: Learn how the Apache Indians moved around - and how you can get closer to wild life

  • Making Utensils: Learn how to make valuable survival utensils to make your stay in the woods more comfortable

  • Animal Movements & Sign: Know how animals move and learn how to read the sign they leave behind. 

  • The one thing you MUST do… to get cool, clear water from the DIRTY rivers and streams: We’ll show you a way to filter out mud and other debris from water sources - simply using a STICK!

  • The very best ways to make water DRINKABLE. You’ll learn what to do… and more importantly… what NOT to do. Treating water BEFORE you drink it -- is VERY important. We’ll show you how to do it, so your water’s safe to drink. Find out about 2 natural ENEMIES of water… and how to avoid them

  • Foraging wild food: Exploring the woodland and fields for wild edible food, you will discover how to forage safely and how to prepare and cook what we find
  • Whittling: You'll will be shown how to use a bushcraft knife safely. And how to whittle various useful campcraft utensils

  • Meditation.... Discover how to expand your innate senses within nature to have a deeper and richer experience of your relationship with yourself and your natural environment. Time to stop, listen, breath and feel our inborn connection to the beautiful world around us

These are just some of the things you’ll be able to explore in this small exclusive womens group. 

So can you see the benefits of coming on this bushcraft skills course?

There will be plenty of time for you to practice your new survival skills ….so you can learn something unique and rewarding.

The course is run in a beautiful, privately owned, woodland location near Canterbury, Kent.

The great thing about Bushcraft is…
you’ll be learning skills for LIFE

Not only that… you’ll gain masses of SELF CONFIDENCE.

 Confidence that comes with knowing you’ve got the skills and expertise to venture out into wild places… can look after yourself… and those around you if needs be.

And I can guarantee you’ll enjoy this course as much as
other people who’ve enjoyed their time with us. 

But don’t take my word for it --

here’s what others have to say about our courses:

"Part of the reasoning of choosing this particular course was the lack of men! Don't get me wrong I don't dislike them, but felt like I would accomplished more within an all female environment. Meeting all the women instructors was really inspiring, certainly the whole course was food for the soul. I now feel that when I go camping in the future, I can take less and enjoy more - making better use of my natural surroundings."
Maggie Johns - Kent

“I just wanted to say thank you for the weekend, we enjoyed it very much.

And has reminded us we need to think less about work and take more notice of being in the present and seeing what is going on around us in the natural world, its the only way to stop being governed by time and too really live!”

Rachel  – UK 

“The course was as wonderful as I expected but in a completely different way. We learnt a huge amount and I am still surprised at how much I retained of what was often a very challenging agenda.

Meeting all the women instructors was really inspiring, certainly the whole course was food for the soul. I now feel that when I go camping in the future, I can take less and enjoy more...”

Lesley – Kent 

“I think although it was short the course has had quite far reaching effects – certainly opened my mind to some good stuff and started healing the disconnection I hadn't noticed I was feeling from nature. I’d like to do another some time...”

Best wishes, Bec 

Join us for the weekend ... enjoy the thrill of learning valuable life-long Bushcraft and Wilderness Survival Skills… in a fun, supportive and nurturing environment.


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<p> A Wilderness Survival course for girls conducted in Kentish woodland, run entirely by females for all you ladies interested in bush craft skills. </p>

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