Wilderness Programmes
For Young Adults

"As Nature Heals, Dreams Soar ... and lives find new direction."

William Blake

With the emergence of so many new Wilderness Schools, we feel it is necessary to help define what makes Natural Pathways so different and why we feel we have something special to offer which is complimentary to our industry.

We believe by connecting with nature, we connect with ourselves on a deeper level. We use ...emphasizes self-development and promotes independenceSurvival/Bushcraft skills and in particular Nature Awareness as the medium for delivering this self awareness, helping young adults come face to face with their true abilities, in a deliberate effort to help them conquer their perceived weaknesses. Natural Pathways emphasizes individual self-development and promotes independence. We have proven to be instrumental in helping our troubled youth gain a new perspective on life, while achieving things they never thought possible.

Offering a series of Wilderness Programmes for young people of all ages and backgrounds from one-day events, such as Back to Nature, that are very popular with Schools and Key Training Service, to the more challenging three-day Branching Out - Woodland - Wilderness Camps, and finally a Open College Network Survival/Bushcraft Accreditation.

Back to Nature This one-day event can be designed to meet your groups needs covering Survival/ Bushcraft skills and Nature Awareness exercises.

Spend two, three or more days learning valuable earth-living skills with our Branching Out - Woodland - programme, building confidence and self-esteem, discovering new abilities, sleeping in shelters and cooking on open fires gives each individual the opportunity to really begin to experience their relationship with nature and themselves.

...learning valuable earth-living skills
OCN Survival/Bushcraft Accreditation This course, spread over two over-night courses or one day a week for six weeks and completing with an assessment, is accredited by Aims Awards, Open College Network East Midlands Region.

Below is a quote from the Wilderness Trust who works extensively with Young People.

Through work carried out in South Africa, the USA, Australia and New Zealand, it has been shown that wilderness experience carries with it a healing capacity and can be used to augment work with youth at risk and young offenders. In South Africa, initiatives have been used extensively to help develop leadership skills in youth at risk, bring rival gangs together and work on personal reform in young offenders.

Wilderness Trust

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