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Survival in the woods. Discover Creating Fire & Shelter in just one day!

Family Bushcraft - Survival in the WoodsHI Hannah,

We had a truly superb day bonding with our children. I think we forget so easily how important it is to make time to listen to each other and really hear the other person. We also thoroughly enjoyed working as a team even if it wasn't always smooth running with 6 personalities contirbuting to the shelter. I just hope we are never all together in a survival situation!

David and I talked about the day and we agree it was fabulous to offer our children a learning experience outside of everything else that they do. Flossie especially has been talking about the experience and has told her teacher every last detail.

I was able to use my news of spending the day in the woods at my management check-in at my school staff meeting this week! We try and add something we have learnt recently. It was so good to explain how to light the fire and I think my headteacher was very impressed with my new skills!

3 years ago we travelled for a month as a family to New Zealand. That is a trip that I think we will always chat about as there are so many memories and it was a true adventure for us as a family. We will definitely put our day last Saturday down as a very similar memory and I know that we will find ourselves discussing it over the dinner table! Perhaps we will even use the skills in France later this year! We will let you know!

The girls came home and have drawn 2 lovely pictures of the day and we will send them to you if you pass on your address.

Thanks again.

Mandy Byrne

Score: 5 out of 5

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