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Survival in the woods. Discover Creating Fire & Shelter in just one day!

Family Bushcraft - Survival in the WoodsThis week I went on an outdoor course teaching you basic survival skills such as building a shelter and lighting a fire. It was great fun to learn something in a different environment to the norm.

What is interesting in this is building a shelter involves lots of physical work collecting the materials and constructing. This seems to get you into an altered state where the intellect is not working as such and you seem to learn by 'remembering'.

It interested me that you can learn so quickly in this environment. Someone on the course put it very well when they said you get out of your mind and into your body and this is such a good feeling when all you do all your working life is to be in your head.

The last thing we did was to walk around the forest blindfolded and this experience was very interesting. Within moments we were adapting to the situation and following a sound to help you back to base. It seemed to highlight your senses straight away making you more aware of your

When you eventually got the blindfold off it seemed to have changed your normal perception as well somehow as if we were remembering the senses that we had and they were still operating. So maybe it is good to change the parameters of what you do to bring growth
to yourself and those around you by using the other senses more.



Score: 4 out of 5

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