Bushcraft Testimonials

Three Days Discovering Basic Bushcraft Skills in beautiful woodland locations

Discovery - Basic Survival - 3 Day Camp"The school is run by Hannah Nicholls, who has an extensive knowledge of bushcraft and has spent time with Trackways in the UK as well as the Tracker School with Tom Brown Jnr in the States. Her assistants are Lief Bruylant, who has an amazing knowledge of, and passion for, wild plants and herbs and Sally Wallington whose knowledge of all things practical in bushcraft is vast. Each seems to have a subtly different take on the whole subject of bushcraft with Lief erring towards the spiritual, Sally the practical and Hannah somewhere in between. All of them are generous with their knowledge, which surprisingly I havenít always found to be the case at other places. They are also extremely passionate about bushcraft, and that, as we all know, is infectious."

Score: 5 out of 5

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Date:Friday 4th October 2019
Starts:Friday 1pm
Ends:Sunday 3pm
Location:Woodland Near Canterbury, Kent

Type:Three Day Bushcraft Course
With:Natural Pathways
Bookings:Per Person

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