Natural Pathways was set up in 2002 and in the twenty years has successfully run courses and camps in Survival/Bushcraft and Nature Awareness for many organisations such as Kent County Council Key Training Services, Opportunities Plus, Motiv8, Kentish Stour Countryside Project and many schools throughout the county. Natural Pathways also provides courses for the general public including their well-known Wilderness Family Camps.

Natural Pathways uses a number of instructors whose skills will be applicable to the course being taught.

The following shows details of our regular instructors, from time to time we will use others that may not be mentioned here.

Hannah Nicholls
Natural Pathway’s Director and Leading Instructor

Hannah has been teaching bushcraft skills and nature awareness to adults and children close to two decades. She also runs courses for schools and youth groups. She is well known for her ability to pass on her skills in a relaxed and engaging manner.

Hannah was inspired by teachings of Tom Brown Jr, well-known author and founder of the Tracker School in America. Tom Brown grew up along side a native American from the Apache tribe learning many valuable Earth living skills that he continues to pass on to many people through his trainings. As well as attending courses in America with Tom Brown, Hannah has attended a year’s course on Primitive Survival Skills with Trackways here in the UK. She completed the course with a week's Survival Quest in Scotland. She has since gone on to further her training completing various survival courses, wild food courses and Forest School level 3.

Having lived in the Daintree Rainforest in the Australian outback for a year, she gained much experience from practising a sustainable way of living.

Hannah has practised Reflexology and Reiki for the past thirty years and has always had an interest in alternative medicine and the healing properties of plants, treating herself and her children with herbal and homeopathic remedies where possible.

Hannah feels it is important to develop her personal awareness when relating to herself and others, as a parent and within a group. She has attended self-development courses such as Parent-Link, Non-violent Communication, the Sedona Method and Psychology of Vision. Hannah home educated her three children for over ten years providing for them a wide range of experiences as they grew up and prior to them moving on to further education.

Keen to pass on her knowledge to others, in particular to children, it is her wish to bring them closer to Nature through Nature Awareness activities and hands on experience with survival/bushcraft skills.


Lucia Stuart
Foraging Instructor 

Lucia Stuart is an artist, wild food cook and the author of Eating Flowers, a botanical cook book. In 2011 she founded The Wild Kitchen from her home in Deal, Kent offering foraging experiences with gourmet fine dining. Remote beaches, woodland glades & Georgian townhouses, all are ‘wild kitchens’.

Fresh 'living' food, gathered by hand in season will always taste the most beautiful to me because I understand its' history; be it a bowl of steaming Winter mussels on the beach or nibbling the first wild garlic leaves in Spring. To share my botanical knowledge is ‘living the dream’.  Learning how to identify & gather wild food truly gives one a feeling of freedom. It heals & nourishes body & soul”.

Lucia has featured on national and international television and radio and has taught and collaborated with celebrities, corporations, families and ecologists for over 15 years.
Collaborating with Hannah Nicolls since 2020, two ‘veterans’ in ‘outdoor learning’, meld their considerable experience for botanical learning in the most comprehensive, fun and delicious way possible. Lucia worked as a professional chef in France for ten years therefore the seasonal wild dishes that we gather and cook over the woodland fire are of ‘restaurant standard.’
Sally Wallington
Part Time Instructor


Sally has had a lifelong love of the outdoors and runs her own consulting business managing diverse habitats from farmland, heathland, wildflower meadows, to woodland and rivers and also a range of environmental projects to benefit both wildlife and people.

Along with her professional ecology training Sally has completed several training courses including the year course (along with Hannah and Lief) with Thomas Schorr-Konn of Trackways, who was taught by Tom Brown Jr of the Tracker School in America.

She has been teaching for over 20 years and believes that practising bushcraft and survival skills is one of the best ways to help people learn about sustainability and treading lightly on the earth. Skilled and capable, Sally brings enthusiasm and a sense of humour to the camps. When not in wellies or waders she will often be found journeying and wild camping in a canoe or seakayak.


Hannah and the Natural Pathways team would like to welcome you to....
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