Two Day Bushcraft Family Camp
2021 5-6th June, 3rd-4th July, 5th-6th Sept   
11am Saturday - 3pm Sunday
Suitable for children aged 5 to 16 years

Wilderness Family Camp June 09
On this exciting Family Weekend Bushcraft'll have lots of fun discovering...

A quick and easy way to light a roaring fire… WITHOUT matches or a lighter. Just by using a special pocket size fire lighting “tool” -- you’ll never have to worry about losing a gas lighter -- or trying to use damp soggy matches -- EVER again. We’ll show you what this tool is -- and more importantly -- HOW to use it. It’s so simple to use -- even when the tool is WET. 
3 ways to build a “natural debris” shelter that’ll keep you warm… dry… and as “snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug.” Once you know these 3 simple shelters -- you’ll be able to adapt them for use in many situations.

Where to find and gather an endless supply of DRY firewood… even if it’s been RAINING. Even if the ground’s wet and damp -- you’ll know exactly where to look -- and WHAT to do -- to find DRY wood for a roaring fire.

Survival in the woods.... Discovering how you can easily make survival tools.

How to use a knife safely. A necessary skill for any bushcraft activity. Once you know how to use a knife safely you will be whittling very useful bushcraft utensils.
The ideal type of fire to build. We’ll show you a quick and easy way to build a fire that’s simple to light -- easy to keep going -- and burns nice and hot. This is an essential skill to learn. 
Silent Movement & Peripheral Vision: Learn how the Apache Indians moved around - and how you can get closer to wild life.

Cook On Open Fires: You will be cooking your own meals on an open fire -- this is a great opportunity for your children to learn about -- and become comfortable with -- open fires. They’ll learn how to tend the fire and respect what it can do if it’s used properly. 
A Panoramic view of Shelters that are built in a circle around the camp fire

Identify Plants and Trees: You’ll learn about the various plants and trees around you -- and how to use them. For instance: One common tree has leaves that contain a natural soap. Very handy for washing your hands after building your shelter! You’ll discover what this tree is -- how to identify it -- and how to wash your hands with it!

Making Utensils: Learn how to make valuable utensils to your stay in the woods more comfortable.

Where to find the best and DRIEST tinder…
in the most UNLIKELY places. It’s easy once you know WHERE to look. Even in wet and soggy environments, it’s easy to find dry tinder to start your fire. We’ll show you what to look for and how to use it.

Animal Movements & Sign: Know how animals move and learn how to read the sign they leave behind.

Cinnarbar MothCaterpillarBadger TracksJellyear Fungus
We’ll play many fun Nature Awareness Games that link all the skills together -- and really switch you on to the natural world around you. Using some of Josef Cornell’s famous games from his book “Sharing Nature with Children”

How to make fire using some UNUSUAL everyday objects. Even if you haven’t got matches or a lighter, you can still light a fire with things lying around the home, garage or car. You’ll learn WHAT to look for -- and HOW to use them.  

Concentric Rings: Experience how wildlife is connected

Sleeping Out: We highly recommend that you take the opportunity to sleep in a shelter, an experience that you will never forget. Please bring tents so you and your children have a choice!

And that’s not all…

The best way to get the most out of the course… is by having FUN!

Camping areaCollecting Bracken to make comfy mattressesEvening around the camp fire

Although the games and skills you’ll learn will be fun and perfectly safe -- they’ll help you all at a much DEEPER level because what you’ll also gain… is a lifetime of SELF CONFIDENCE.

The sort of confidence that comes with knowing you’ve got the skills and expertise to venture out into wild places…and can look after yourself.

“The Wilderness families’ camp was good fun and I learnt a great deal. It was really beneficial to experience a course that was more relaxed and allowed input from both parents and children to create a great environment where everyone was learning and relaxing at the same time. Genius.”   Smiles, Kimberley
Creative natural Art
What we teach is… SELF CONFIDENCE using Bushcraft and Wilderness Survival Skills… taught in an enjoyable way. What better gift can you give your child!
So now you know what to expect… and how you’ll benefit by coming along -- why not book on a course and see for yourself?

This is a 'One Night Camp', if you want a longer camp see our  'Three Day Wilderness Family Camp in the school summer holidays' 
Plant walk

"A life changing experience which shows in a complicated world, just how simple life should be." Daniel & Josh

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Two Day Camp 3rd - 4th July 2021

Cost: £95 p.p

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Two Day Camp 4th - 5th September 2021

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Two Day Camp 5th - 6th June 2021

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making string from plant fibres

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Hi Hannah I just wanted to say thank you for a great weekend - we had a fantastic time, and the girls are very proud of the things ...