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Schedule – 2024

13Family Mini Survival Adventure£25 Per Child
14Staff Making DayStaff Making Day£59 Per Person
29£63 Per Person
04£25 Per Child
11£59 Per Person
19£63 Per Person
09£25 Per Child
15£90 Per Person
29£59 Per Person
03£25 Per Child
10£59 Per Person
07£59 Per Person

Natural Pathways may make changes or additions to this schedule from time to time.

All courses are run in Woodland Near Canterbury, Kent unless otherwise detailed.

Schools and Corporate courses are not listed.

We are able to provide private bushcraft courses for birthdays, parties and any special occasion,
however our timetable is restricted, so please contact us early to avoid any disappointment.
We can also provide bushcraft gift vouchers for any of our courses, just click here for details.

If you're interested in a course that doesn't appear here don't hesitate to contact us.

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A Wilderness Skills Course for Adults covering fire by friction including using a bow drill, animal tracking & stalking, survival shelters, finding water, cordage and knots, navigation techniques, wilderness plants and their uses. This course in primitive survival technology will provide you with the bushcraft skills for survival in the wilderness in a fun 3 day course.