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Psychological Fitness Training
A walk in the Park
with Hannah Victoria Nicholls

Hi I’m Hannah, a psychological fitness and ‘in nature’ coach. With thirty years of self-development including mBit, psychology of vision, parent-link and most recently psychological fitness training I have a broad understanding of the needs of my clients.

Over the last two years many of us have found it necessary to manage stress, deal with our fears or even pursue a new direction. PF Coaching has simplicity at its core, with easy to learn life-skills which can transform your way of being in your life!

I often coach out-doors which is beneficial on many levels. Walking or sitting in nature enhances the coaching experience by grounding us and it can facilitate a capacity to reflect more deeply on ourselves and our lives.

Investing in Psychological Fitness Training you will discover how to
  • Live from your core self - a higher level of wellbeing, clarity, ease and flow.
  • Feel calm, confident and centred.
  • Skillfully manage your internal state, stress, emotions and belief systems.
  • Let go of stories, anger, resentments and destructive habits.
  • Increase your level of psychological fitness: your ability to be present, open and aware, engaging with reality, doing what matters.
  • Open into a natural flow of clarity, wisdom, joy, aliveness, ease and intuitive knowing.
Life is one constant process of integrating ones limitations. By being aware of our internal state and using 'easy to learn life-skills' we can move forward with ease, flow and aliveness!


Face to face coaching or via video call
  • In Nature - near Canterbury, Kent. Your coaching session could be conducted while having a gentle stroll through a beautiful woodland, a walk by a river or sitting under a tree in the warm sun.
  • Video Call - If you are out of the area we can connect over video-call. 
Read what others have to say.....

"I went to see Hannah about something which seemed to be blocking me in my life. Within an hour and a half her skills and compassion combined with a walk along the river gave great insight as to the cause, what I needed to do to help myself and how I could do it. Hannah does not give advice but helps you birth your own way forward. Absolutely brilliant!"  K. Hill

"I would like to thank you for four excellent sessions. The fact that heart, gut and head are connected was an interesting theme and helped me to gain clarity about certain areas of my life. I would recommend you, Hannah, to anyone who might be considering a course of coaching sessions, your style is both professional and empathetic and helped me to dig deep and find solutions to recent and long standing mind-sets and problems that needed sorting in my life. Many thanks again." Maureen Curson

Single PF Training £65
includes one hour session with follow up email support

3 month PF Training package £360
includes 6 one hour sessions plus email support and accountability in between sessions

6 month PF Training package £730
includes 12 one hour sessions plus email support and accountability in between sessions

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