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Nature Connected Life Coaching
  for Life Transformation
with Hannah Victoria Nicholls

Does your fear hold you back?

Do your dreams seem out of reach?

Do you have trouble making decisions?

Do you long to live a life of meaning and full of purpose?


What if you could say without a doubt….

I know my purpose and I love my life!

I easily connect with my greater, inner wisdom when making decisions.

When a life-obstacle presents itself I know how to tap into the power of my Creativity, my Compassion and my Courageousness.

And when I connect with nature I effortlessly drop into that connected place inside of me and I feel more harmonious.      

 "Immerse your self in nature's symphony and let your senses burst with joy." Tom Brown Jnr

The anwers we seek lie within!

It is human nature to want to improve our lives. But so often when making an important decision we may suffer from conflict between our thoughts, feelings and actions.

Coaching in nature opens the door to our inner-nature! When connecting deeply with nature we develop an undeniable sense of being an integral part of something much larger than ourselves, of being part of the natural world. Being in nature helps us to relax. It helps our brain-waves to relax. The natural environment becomes part of the coaching journey and nature reflects our truth back to us.

mBit Coaching

Hannah has brought the healing power of nature together with mBit Coaching to create a unique and powerful coaching journey for deep personal change!

mBit coaching enables you to establish communication with your multiple intelligences, (head, heart and gut brains) and through a series of practical coaching methods and exercises you can align and harness the power and wisdom of each of these three brains and help you to make wiser decisions.mBit Coaching where ancient wisdom and neuroscience meet!

Hannah will take you on a journey in nature and a journey within. Beautifully and naturally intertwined, the nature connection and the coaching conversation will assist you in unravelling conflicting thoughts and desires and connect you with your inner wisdom and tap you into the power of your Creativity, your Compassion and your Courageousness.

Find that place inside of you that is the source of inspiration in your life.                

Connect to your meaning, to your passion, to your purpose!

Face to face coaching or via Zoom video call

  • In Nature - Your coaching session could be conducted while having a gentle stroll through a beautiful woodland, a walk by a river or sitting by a warm campfire within a woodland setting near Canterbury in Kent.
  • Video Call If you don't live in Kent or the UK! We can connect over video-call. 
Read what others have to say.....
"I went to see Hannah about something which seemed to be blocking me in my life. Within an hour and a half her skills and compassion combined with a walk along the river gave great insight as to the cause, what I needed to do to help myself and how I could do it. Hannah does not give advise but helps you birth your own way forward. Absolutely brilliant!"  K. Hill

"I would like to thank you for four excellent sessions. The fact that heart, gut and head are connected was an interesting theme and helped me to gain clarity about certain areas of my life. I would recommend you, Hannah, to anyone who might be considering a course of coaching sessions, your style is both professional and empathetic and helped me to dig deep and find solutions to recent and long standing mind-sets and problems that needed sorting in my life. Many thanks again." Maureen Curson

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