Gift Vouchers available for many events from: £25 to: £468 or to your own specification.

Whether it’s a present for an anniversary, Christmas, or birthday we can provide you with a Activity Gift Voucher with your own personal message for any occasion.

You can choose from any of our courses and either pay for the whole course or contribute only part of the cost. You may book a date now or leave it open so the recipient can choose a course date to suit them, at that time they will also need to complete a booking form. Select our 'Open Bushcraft Voucher' if you're not sure which activity they'd prefer. Vouchers are valid for 12 months.

Should you not require a personal message with your gift, simply tick the gift voucher box on the relevant course page from the menu above.

For a gift voucher with a personal message or if you wish to contribute only part of the course cost, click on a course of your choice below and complete the form:

<span class="title"><a href=" and Wild Cookery"><span> Gift Voucher</span></a></span></span><br /><br /> <span>Forage and Fire with foragers, Lucia Stuart<br /> and Hannah Nicholls. We will<br /> show you how to identify and harvest wild <br /> edible plants. And back at camp you will <br /> be shown how prepare and cook the <br /> wildfood over the campfire.<br /> And then we will enjoy a delicious<br /> wild three-course feast.<br /> An exciting adventure into the world of wild food!<br /></span>

<span class="title"><a href=" in the Woods:<br />Family Bushcraft Day"><span> Gift Voucher</span></a></span></span><br /><br /> <span>A fun, action packed Family Bushcraft Day....<br /> In just one day&hellip;you&rsquo;ll discover and master many <br /> bushcraft skills and experience nature in whole new way. <br /> Building survival shelters, lighting fires, natural tinders, <br /> fire steels and blowing tinder bundles into flames. <br /> <br /></span>

<span class="title"><a href=" Family Camp"><span> Gift Voucher</span></a></span></span><br /><br /> <span>A Bushcraft &amp; Nature Awareness Camp for your whole family.<br /> You can choose from a 2 or 3 day camp. <br /> Skills covered maybe Fire building and lighting, <br /> friction fire lighting, debris survival shelters, animal tracking, <br /> making survival utensils, nature awareness games,<br /> knife and tool safety, camp cooking and<br /> how to identify &amp; use wild plants &amp; much, much more&hellip;</span>

<span class="title"><a href=" Bushcraft Day - Skulls, Scats and Tracks"><span> Gift Voucher</span></a></span></span><br /><br /> <span>A family bushcraft day....Discover the secret world of our wild-animals!<br /> Learn how to track animals,...creep up on them silently.<br /> Become nature detectives and work out who <br /> has been here before and WHY? <br /> Examine animal skulls, skins and other sign. <br /> You'll feel as though a whole new world has been revealed to <br /> you as you now notice things you would not have spotted before!</span>

<span class="title"><a href="'s Mini Survival Adventure"><span> Gift Voucher</span></a></span></span><br /><br /> <span>An exciting Bushcraft Adventure for children and<br /> their grown-ups. <br /> How the natural environment keeps us safe! <br /> Build your own Survival Camp! <br /> Construct a waterproof shelter from natural materials<br /> Build and light a roaring fire and cook delicious Survival food <br /> An exciting out-door adventure!<br /> <style type="text/css">P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; direction: ltr; font-variant: normal; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); text-decoration: none; }P.western { font-family: "Times New Roman",serif; font-size: 10pt; font-style: normal; font-weight: normal; }P.cjk { font-family: "Times New Roman",serif; font-size: 10pt; font-style: normal; font-weight: normal; }P.ctl { font-family: "Times New Roman",serif; font-size: 10pt; }</style> <br /></span>

<span class="title"><a href=" Making Course"><span> Gift Voucher</span></a></span></span><br /><br /> <span>An exciting one-day experience making a Merlin Staff <br /> Choose from various seasoned woods <br /> Be shown how to safely strip &amp; shape the wood <br /> using a bushcraft knife<br /> Be given advice about how best ...<br /> To make the most of your personalised design <br /> Add antlers, compasses or stain your Staff<br /> All tuition, materials and tools are provided. <br /> This course runs throughout the year<br /> <br /></span>

<span class="title"><a href=" Basic Survival"><span> Gift Voucher</span></a></span></span><br /><br /> <span>A fantastic 3 day course that covers many<br /> aspects of Bushcraft &amp; Survival including:<br /> Four priorities of bush craft, survival shelters,<br /> basic tracking, fire by friction, wild food,<br /> nature awareness how to find &amp; purify water,<br /> making cordage and utensils. The list goes on&hellip;<br /> This course is held is held 2 to 3 times during the year<br /> <br /></span>

<span class="title"><a href="'s Discovery Course"><span> Gift Voucher</span></a></span></span><br /><br /> <span>A bushcraft course for females run by females:<br /> Primary survival principles,<br /> debris shelters, nature awareness,<br /> bow drilling, identify plants and trees,<br /> animal movements &amp; sign, making string,<br /> wild food preparation, camp cooking &amp; much more&hellip;<br /></span>

<img hspace="20" vspace="20" alt="Discovery Course" src="../gallery/combine-small-3.jpg" height="150" width="200" style="FLOAT: left;" /><img alt="" src="../picts/spacer.gif" height="200" width="50" style="FLOAT: left;" /><span class="title" >Open Bushcraft Voucher</span><br /><br />This is a gift voucher that may be used for or towards the cost of any of our Bushcraft &amp; Survival activities.<br /> Just select the value of your voucher and enter your message, we will send you a beautiful voucher for you to present as your gift within the next few days.<br /><br /> <span class="western" ><font style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt"><b>Value:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Your Choice </b></font></span><big>Gift Voucher</big>

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Gift Voucher Courses average score: 94% from 201 reviews.

Gift Voucher Courses average score: 94% from 201 reviews