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Review by Nancy Charley March 2024
I attended the Staff Making Day led by Matthew and Hannah. They are such patient teachers and ..
Review by Robert Burr September 2013
Hello Hannah It was good to meet you and Andy on Sunday and we had a fabulous time relaxin..
Review by Heasman Family July 2013
Hi Hannah and Andy, The site is excellent and the practical lessons were superb, a superb day..
Review by Jon Bramley July 2013
Hannah, We had a smashing day. We are now making extra staffs for walking to go with our ta..
Review by Fox November 2012
Thanks to Andy and Hannah for a great day staff making in the woods - I came away with a magni..
Review by Lucci May 2012
Im very pleased with my Staff and just want to say how much of a good time I had on the staff ..
Review by Carol and Charlie November 2011
Hi Hannah and Andrew, Charlie and I had a really great time on Saturday. Sitting around th..
Review by Fraser Greenwell November 2011
Hi Hannah, Great to meet you and those nice people for a lovely day in the woods. I really ..

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Staff Making Day average score: 92% from 8 reviews.

Staff Making Day average score: 92% from 8 reviews