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Three Days Discovering Basic Bushcraft Skills in beautiful woodland locations

Discovery - Basic Survival - 3 Day CampHi Hannah,

Whilst it is coming close to two weeks now since we were with you on the course we still find ourselves daydreaming about it at regular intervals.

We both had a fantastic time with you all – the group being great and the tuition perfect. I personally found it very surprising how displaced I felt on the first night (nothing I would have expected to feel) but equally how quickly I adapted to our surroundings after that. Literally by the afternoon of the second day I was right at home and that was even with a really bad nights sleep the night before. We both have a greater eagerness to explore more of our World as a result of the course but also find the learning, and subsequent teaching with respect to our own children, quite daunting as it also proved to us how little we actually know and how much we have forgotten – yet it is a challenge we’re fully prepared to commit to. We only have a short time here on this Earth and it is such a shame to miss it all while we’re busy in our conditioned lives with our heads down staring at the pavement. We can fill our heads with so much junk these days as part of our day-to-day lives but how much of that stuff really matter in the grand scheme of things? We felt that actually with this course we learnt things that really are worth knowing and that for us was exciting.

We had a weekend away just this last weekend to a farm in Devon staying with some friends. Emily (our 3 year old) and I spent a night in some of their woodland. We collected wood, made our fire pit and set up camp for the night. Sang a few songs in front of the fire and had a really nice time. We even cooked porridge in the morning which Emily loves. It was great to be able to have the confidence to share that experience with her.

Arnavaz and I are really looking forward to coming back to spend some more time with you on another course. We would also be very willing to come back and help with any of your other courses if you could use us and we’d be happy to help wherever. Arnavaz is a very talented amateur chef and wilderness cooking is something that is really sparking her at the moment having done a lot of mainstream cuisine to date. I think it would be quite good fun if we prepared a meal for you and other course members on one occasion if you’d be up for that.

Thanks very much again for a simply wonderful time. I hope the first of many more to come – and please do let us know if we can be of help on any other courses.

Very best wishes,

Mike & Arnavaz

Score: 5 out of 5

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