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Family Wilderness Three Day CampHi Hannah,

Jack (8) and I had the most brilliant experience when we spent our four days out in the woods. Just getting the chance to be close to nature and away from all the things we think of as “essential” was so refreshing. It helped both of us to appreciate what is truly real, and also enjoy the energy of a group of people with similar aims.

Learning survival skills enabled us to feel more connected to nature because instead of protecting ourselves against it, we learned to work with it, and therefore gained a better appreciation of the natural state of things. Jack particularly liked being able to set a tinder bundle alight, which gave him an enormous feeling of self-satisfaction. He practiced this skill as soon as we got home, in the garden. We also both enjoyed the games, which were a great way of bringing to light and enhancing skills which we may not even have been aware of.

In all we had a great time – energizing, relaxing and eye-opening - and Jack is already looking forward to the next one! See you soon.

Amanda and Jack

Score: 5 out of 5

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