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"Nexus: to be at one with the group to bind to connect with all"

Geoffrey & Hannah

This camp is aimed at young adults and school groups who are looking for a challenge. Our wish is to create an atmosphere of fun and togetherness whilst learning valuable Survival/Bushcraft Skills & creating a deeper connection with nature and ourselves through Nature Awareness activities.

By working together to create and keep a functional camp the group learns essential team skills. Using communication and problem solving techniques the group will be responsible for how the whole camp functions. Whether the shelter is completed for the night or whether the food is prepared and cooked on time, each individual will be responsible for their own actions and how this affects the group as a whole.

This three-day camp can be designed to meet your own group's individual needs and below are some of the things we can cover. We encourage participants to sleep in their shelters to really get the feel of living close to nature but if you prefer you may choose to bring tents.

Group Shelter
Constructing and sleeping in a group shelter

Debris Shelter
An individual shelter made from debris

Fire Building & Lighting
Learning to build & light fires, we will create our campfire

Fire by Friction
Learning the valuable skill of Bow Drilling

Wild Cooking
Together we will make a wonderful meal, cooked on your very own campfire

Cordage Making
Learning to make string from plant fibres

Tracking Exercises
So much can be discovered from understanding & observing tracks

Fire Stalk or Drum Stalk
Learning to move silently and with stealth

Nature Art
Using our creativity we will make a gift from nature

Nature Awareness
Through various activities we will experience nature in new rewarding ways never experienced before

Wild Herbs
We will identify wild herbs learning about their edible & medicinal properties


Our Camps are held in woodlands near Canterbury. We require youth leaders or teachers to accompany their own groups. Please contact us to discuss your group needs and for price details.

For prices, further information and to book an event, please contact us.

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