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Back To Nature Bushcraft DaysI teach a class of fourteen-year-old children (who have diverse needs) at St Nicholas Canterbury Special Needs School This particular group have only worked together for two years (coming from different main stream schools).

We were fortunate enough to have worked with Natural Pathways every Friday for six weeks. During that time the students were highly motivated, happy individuals who worked together well. This was not always the case in the classroom.

All the class have developed their speaking and listening skills, and some of them have improved markedly (noticed by parents and teachers alike). In the woods they were able to relax and leave behind some of the lack of self-confidence (in formal learning) that they have developed in schools over the years.

The class responded well to this opportunity to learn new skills, face new challenges; in a natural environment and with Natural Pathways capable guidance.

The fun of cooking and eating over an open fire (that they had laid and lit themselves) was a great way to bring the class together (as was shelter building). Sharing and turn taking was encouraged, and an improvement was noticed in the classroom.

A lot of the curriculum targets and I.E P’s were covered. We have mentioned P.S.H.E. Some other obvious ones were: D.T (we made staffs, wooden stars, kazoo’s, shelters) food technology, Science (making charred cloth in a tin), life in the forest floor, sustainability, plant life, soil work, sound and much more), geography (we made a map of the wood, discussed different environments), literacy (story telling in the woods and in the classroom much was inspired by our work in the woods),numeracy (at school we made co ordinates for our maps).

It has given them an experience of positive social interaction, enhanced their self esteem, given them the chance to work responsibly in a situation they would not be allowed to face in school (safe fire building, shelter making).

It has also given some of them their only real chance to build a relationship with the natural world; to understand a little more about sustainability, of responsible citizenship.

Score: 5 out of 5

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