Discovery Course

Basic Bushcraft/Survival Skills &
Nature Awareness Course for Adults

  6pm Friday till 3.30pm Sunday

Ever dreamt of having a close relationship with the natural environment. Sleeping out, hearing the sounds of the night, smelling the smoke of your fire and feeling safe and warm in your newly built shelter.

Enjoying a Basic Survival Course 

Bushcraft is about knowing how to look after yourself in nature and in-turn taking care of nature. Nature Awareness is about increasing your awareness of nature beyond the physical; opening our eyes and senses to your surroundings. 

During this three day Discovery course you will gain knowledge of: 

  • Four Priorities: Learn what they are and how important they are in any survival situation. 

A Survival Debris Shelter

  • 3 ways to build a “debris” shelter that'll keep you warm…and dry: Once you know these 3 simple shelters - you'll be able to adapt them for use in many situations. 

  • A quick and easy way to light a roaring fire… WITHOUT matches or a lighter:

    Just by using a special pocket size fire lighting “tool” - you'll never have to worry about losing a gas lighter - or trying to use damp soggy matches - EVER again. We'll show you what this tool is - and more importantly - HOW to use it. It's so simple to use - even when the tool is WET. 

  • The ideal type of fire to build: We'll show you a quick and easy way to build a fire that's simple to light - easy to keep going - and burns nice and hot. essential skill to learn. 

  • How to move easily through woodland… as SILENTLY as a Fox. Moving around silently is a good skill to learn. You'll quickly and easily learn how to do it - so you can get closer to animals and humans. 

  • Where to FIND water… even when the ground's as dry-as-a-bone You'll be shown how to gather water - even if you can't find any rivers, streams or pools nearby.

    teaching bushcraft skillscooking wild food by campfirefinding water
  • Making Fire by Friction: WHAT to do… and what NOT to do. You'll learn how to make a simple “Bow Drill” set… make a “coal”… and then blow a “tinder bundle” into flames. Once you've done this - you'll get a real sense of achievement. 

  • Cook On An Open Fire: Meals and hot water for drinks - will be cooked on an open fire in the centre of the camp. This is a great opportunity for to learn about - and become comfortable with - open fires. They'll learn how to tend the fire and respect what it can do if it's used properly. 

  • How to make string and cords from the prickliest and stingiest plants in the forest. Using plant fibres - you can make good strong cords and string to tie things together. This'll come in very handy for all sorts of things around the camp.

Fox & Pheasant Tracks
  • Concentric Rings: Experience how all wildlife is connected. 

  • Animal Movements & Sign: Know how animals move and learn how to read the sign they leave behind. 

  • Identify Plants and Trees: You'll learn about the various plants and trees around you - and how to use them. For instance: One common tree has leaves that contain a natural soap. Very handy for washing your hands after building your shelter! You'll discover what this tree is and learn about many other plant uses on a plant walk seeing the plants in their natural habitat. 

    Wild food and foraging

  • Making Utensils: Learn how to make valuable utensils to make your stay in the woods more comfortable. 

  • Nature Awareness & the Sit Spot: Using our innate senses to connect with the stillness of nature and let wildlife come close to you. 

Bow Drilling Creating Fire By Friction
  • Drum Stalk: Using all your senses to move around the woods - blindfolded to the sound of a drum! 

  • Silent Movement & Peripheral Vision: Learn how the Apache Indians moved around - and how you can get closer to wild life.

  • The very best ways to make water DRINKABLE. You'll learn what to do… and more importantly… what NOT to do. Treating water BEFORE you drink it - is VERY important. We'll show you how to do it, so your water's safe to drink. 

  • The best place to build your shelter. Get this WRONG… and youMake water DRINKABLE could end up cold and wet. Let's face it: No one likes sitting anywhere that's damp or wet. You'll know how to find the BEST place to build your shelter - so you'll be warm, safe and dry. 

  • How to make fire using some UNUSUAL everyday objects: Even if you haven't got matches or a lighter, you can STILL light a fire with things lying around the home, garage or car. You'll learn WHAT to look for - and HOW to use them.

    Knots & bashers Rock boilingMoth up close and personal
  • The 2 natural ENEMIES of water… and how to beat them FOREVER. There are 2 sneaky things that will make any water UNDRINKABLE. Discover what they are - and how to stop them DEAD in their tracks. 

  • Plus… lots… lots… more 

The great thing about a Bushcraft Camp is…

you'll be learning skills for LIFE


Not only that… you'll gain masses of SELF CONFIDENCE.


Confidence that comes with knowing you've got the skills and expertise to venture out into wild places… can look after yourself… and those around you if needs be.


Heres what previous participants had to say about this course.....

 Discovery Sept 07

"Because of your influence I have begun to see my surroundings in a different light with more respect and a better understanding. Natural Pathways lead to New Horizons."          Rock - Kent U.K 

"It would probably be going too far to say I’ve changed the whole outlook of my bushcrafting but I’ve certainly had a peek at a different approach and I like it"                                      Kim   UK 

"Spending time with great friends on a great course learning great things – what more can be said!"          Mike & Arnavaz

"Thanks for a fantastic weekend; I've learnt more than just survival skills. You've put me back on my spiritual path."        Matt - Devon U.K

"What a-superb weekend we had with you in October....thanks so much to you, Sal & Lief." Carol UK

Debris shelters
"We covered an awful lot on the course....... yet at the finish I was thinking 'is it over already', I could have done another 3 days. I will definitely go back for more."                     Charles UK

Bushcraft skills

Join us for the weekend ... enjoy the thrill of learning valuable life-long Bushcraft, Survival Skills and Nature Awareness… in a relaxed environment.

The course is run in a beautiful, privately owned, woodland location near Canterbury, Kent.

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Bushcraft Course GroupRelaxing around the fire togetherDiscovery - October 08

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<p>A Wilderness Survival Training Course for Adults conducted in the midst of Kentish woodland. Learn Basic Bushcraft &amp; Survival Skills with a definite slant to nature awareness.</p>

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in the UK


This bushcraft training course covers introduction to tracking, fire making, bushcraft, survival shelters, finding & purifying water. In addition activities include using a bow drill, fire by friction, building shelters, finding water, cordage and knots, awareness of nature, lean-to shelters, wild food preparation and cooking, methods of navigation, wild plants and their uses in a fun 3 day course.

This is a wilderness survival training course for adults conducted in the midst of kentish woodland with a definate slant to nature awareness.

If you're thinking of attending a basic survival course and feel a relaxed & friendly environment would be most conducive to discovering bushcraft skills, then book one of our course dates for yourself.

"The school is run by Hannah Nicholls, who has an extensive knowledge of bushcraft and has spent time with Trackways in the UK as well...