River of Life

The river begins its life as a spring and returns to the great ocean at its journeys end. As the water follows its Natural Pathways it weaves its paths to survival through its life’s journey, revealing many aspects - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, and will have many experiences just as we do in our life.

The flow starts slowly and gently as the precious water is introduced to the world. She gently trickles, weaving a path through the channels of Mother Earth, collecting along the way all the knowledge the earth has to offer about her world. Some of this knowledge the water will not understand, but as she is one with her environment she completely trusts by remaining in the moment.

The river awakens to her surroundings; she hears the plants calling to her, plants of all different forms, colour and size as well as scent. They have so much to share; all the knowledge they themselves have acquired over the years of their beautiful and enchanting lives. In exchange for this knowledge that guides the river on its journey, she brings life to them, even the soil, yet untouched by the stream that has so much to share, such as tales about wondrous creatures that have crossed its path.

We too experience the learning given to us by our parents, our teachers and our environment. And at each junction, just as with the river, we make choices about which direction to go in. Sometimes these choices delay our journey, and like the river we too can change direction, only sometimes we refuse to go with the flow. But so long as our path is true, we will reach our union with God

Then the rains come and join as one with the river. They share as true brothers and sisters the journey together exchanging their life’s experiences with each other, learning from the mistakes that have taken place. Some would say that the rains bring trouble but this is not true. The rains cleanse our air, removing the toxins that prevent our growth and at its own risk, the river helps with this process.

As the river flows, many things will have taken place during its journey; the experience of the waterfall and the rocks below; the still pools at the side of the bank; the whirlpool, the rapids and the stillness of the water at places along its course. All these things occur during our lifetime too.

And, just as we grow, so does the river, expanding into an estuary where eventually she kisses the Great Ocean, joining as one with all that is. Just as in heaven, at the end of our journey we too find our beginning.

Geoffrey McMullan

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Forthcoming Event

Date:Saturday 9th December 2023
Starts: 10amEnds: 1pm
Location:Natural Pathways Woodland

Address:Woodland Near Canterbury, Kent

Type:One Day Bushcraft Event
Bookings:Per Person

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