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Family Wildlife Tracking Days

Skulls, scats and tracks with Natural Pathways

Skulls, Scats and Tracks Day

A Tracking & Nature Awareness Course for Families

One Day Course 10am - 2pm £28p.p.

2022 - 3rd April, 3rd July, 13th Aug, 23rd October

“On this day you will discover how to walk silently so you can get close to wildlife… which track belongs to what and how to move just like our native animals”


 ....and much more.      

Have you ever wanted to learn how to track animals,… creep up on them silently,… to observe their behaviour up close?… Then this is the course for you!

Ever wondered as you are walking in the countryside…. what was it that left that track beside a muddy puddle?

I’m sure you’ll agree that getting near to animals in the wild is very difficult… and seems almost impossible. Just when you think you’re getting close… off they go … and you’re left wondering how on earth to do it.

On this Animal Wisdom Day we’ll show you how to move as silently as a fox, just like the Apache Indians did when they wanted to get close to wild life.

We’ll play fun nature awareness games together, so you can discover many exciting facts about our native animals, their tracks and their behaviour.

After this course, whenever you go out, you’ll look at your surroundings in a whole different light. You’ll feel as though a whole new world has been revealed to you.

Fox Track


On this tracking and nature awareness course we will unfold, for you and your children:

  • Animal Tracks: You’ll learn about the tracks of our wildlife so you will know how to tell if the track you've found is a badger, squirrel, deer or mouse. 

  • Animal Families: You will find out how the animals are related. 

  • Gaits: You’ll have great fun learning to move just like wild animals and this gives you a powerful insight into their behaviour. 

  • Fox Walk: Do you want to know how to move silently through any environment? We’ll show you how to do it -- and more importantly -- how not to do it! Learn this, and you’ll soon be sneaking up on your friends and family and, hopefully, some wild life-- and they won’t know you’re even there! 

  • Peripheral Vision: Discovering how to use wide-angle vision to observe wild life. 

  • Night Hunters: We will play this fun nature awareness game ‘Night Hunters’ so you and your child can picture yourselves being a wild animal stalking its prey.

  • Fox the Fox: One of our favourites, this is a fun game for children (and adults!) to practice using all your senses. You’ll learn how to “tune in” to the area around you and hear the slightest movement and even catch the fox!

“Thankyou for the Animal Wisdom course last Sunday. Michael and I really enjoyed it... My favourite bits were the Fox walk and peripheral vision exercises and the Sit Spot... I found them quite spiritual and was left with an idea that normally our senses are shut down because they are so overloaded...”     Graeme Booth

  •  Concentric Rings: Experience how wild life is connected and how animals know you’re coming even before you know that they are there.

  • Observation: We’ll show you how to observe wildlife properly -- and notice a lot more detail of the environment around you. You’ll be amazed at what you can see when you know what to look for! 

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Course timing 10am to 2pm. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to course start time.
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Cost: £28 Per Person

£101 for a Family of Four

Dates: Sunday 3rd April 2022

Sunday 3rd July 2022(Places Available)
Sunday 14th August 2022(Places Available)
Sunday 23rd October 2022(Places Available)

Book now and we’ll see you in the woods.

Animal Wisdom £28 Per Person.

      Gift Voucher
Animal Wisdom £101 Per Family of Four

      Gift Voucher

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Date:Sunday 3rd July 2022
Starts: 10amEnds: 2pm
Location:Natural Pathways Woodland

Address:Woodland Near Canterbury, Kent

Type:One Day Bushcraft Event
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Dear Hannah, Thankyou for the Animal Wisdom course last Sunday. Michael and I really enjoyed it and found it very interesting. My ...