Photo Gallery
Family Survival Courses

Photos to trigger memories of that exciting time on your families bushcraft event

Page Two

  • Skulls, skins, bones and
  • Up Close and Personal
  • Listening to talk about
    the wonders of the
    Animal World
  • Peritheral Vision and
    the Fox walk learning the importance of staying quiet when close to wild life
  • Nature Awareness

  • Instruction Bushcraft & Survival skills
  • Shelter building having a rest
  • Shelters Nice and dry for the night
  • Shelters children learning basic bushcraft
  • Fox the Fox discovering about wild animal habits

  • Bushcraft Camp
  • Ready for cooking Everyone takes part in camp cooking
  • Camp cooking a family affair
  • Blowing Embers
  • Teepee Fire lesson Family bushcraft skills session

  • Bow drilling Team work
  • Tinder bundles Keep blowing
  • Bow Drilling Fire at last
  • In the pit Having fun in nature
  • True and False 2 Family fun with games

  • Fox the Fox children learning about nature
  • Increasing their natural
    awareness through games
  • Rabbit Woodland resident
  • Rock boiling Water purification
  • Knife Lesson Splitting wood with a sheaf knife

  • Sheaf Knife Learning Knife safety
  • Bowl burning 4 Concentrating on making a perfect bowl
  • Blowing embers Beautiful glow on the childrens faces
  • Child learning how to
    burn bowls using hot
  • Bowl burn Making Wooden bowls

  • Constructing a Large
    family Shelter
  • Bushcraft Family Event
  • Wilderness Family Camp 2006
  • Family Wilderness Camp
  • The Drum Stalk with mum helping

  • A Bushcraft birthday party experience
  • Family Bushcraft Camp
    July 2005