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Flint Knapping

Pictures from Woodland Knapping Events

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  • Flint Arrow HeadFlint Arrow Head
  • Flintknapping Course Photo
  • Knapping FlintKnapping Flint

  • A new hand axe!Success!!
  • Flint Course Photo

  • Flint Arrow HeadFlint Arrowhead We will show you how to make arrowheads on our flint nappng course
  • Will LordWill Lord Using an antler hammer
  • Will Lord knapping with
    a soft hammer

  • Will Lord Teaching FlintknappingWill Lord Teaching
  • Instruction on KnappingInstruction on Knapping
  • Striking FlintStriking Flint
  • Preparing FlintPreparing Flint

  • Flint BladeFlint Blade Napped flint blade
  • Flint BladeFlint Blade
  • Flint, Antler Hammers & Granite Beach PebblesFlint, Antler Hammers
    & Granite Beach
  • Neolithic Flint Scraper A Neolithic Flint Tool ... found in a garden!
  • Flint Knifes, Arrow heads, AxesFlint Tools Just a few of the flint knapped artifacts Will has made.

  • Flint SpearpointFlint Spearpoint
  • Flint BladeFlint Blade
  • Flint Hand Axe
  • Flint AxeFlint Axe