Flint Knapping

With Will Lord
One Day Course 9.30am-3.30pm
For adults and children aged 12 and over accompanied by an adult

Will Lord

  How To Make Flint Tools Even Fred
      Flintstone Would Be Proud Of     

I f you've ever wanted to try your hand at making razor-sharp arrow heads, spears, knives, jewellery, scrapers, axe heads, blades or other ancient flint knapped artifacts just like your ancestors -- then this is THE best flint knapping course you'll find ANYWHERE in the UK.

Here's why...

On this one day hands-on course, held within Kentish woodland, you'll be taken back through the mists of time to 10,000bc with Will Lord, the UK's TOP flint knapping expert.

With over 30 years experience of flintknapping, bow making, arrow making and buckskins he'll show you the long lost flintknapping SECRETS of our ancestors.

a piece of flint Teaching knappinga flint arrow head

Not only will you be shown HOW to flint knap, you'll also be using Antler hammers, quartzite pebbles, copper, leather and flint to make your OWN tools.

With one-on-one guidance and tuition from Will, you'll soon be turning out the same implements your prehistoric ancestors relied on for their very survival.

Here's just some of the things you'll discover on this course:No experience necessary!

  • How to select the right type of flint for tool making. Get this WRONG and you will be left with a pile of useless flint chippings.

  • How to get the best edge and shape for cutting and pointed implements.

  • We'll show you quick and easy ways to MASTER the techniques of "pressure flaking", "notching", "percussion flaking", "stemming" "indirect percussion" and "fluting".

  • We will demonstrate why blows sometimes work and sometimes a slight error can make things fall to pieces.

    “I have always had an interest in this subject...since I read my 1st Lady Bird Book over 50 years ago which cost me 2’/ 6d .... as a child I spent many an hour on the  beach trying to copy thearrow heads and tools shown in the book”

    “To finally see how a Craftsman does it, have ago and gain some basic skills  and understanding after all these years was a rare privilege”

    “A thoroughly absorbing, interesting and brilliant day....Hannah and Will
    Thank you so much”   

    On this course you will find the 'lost' skill to knap your own hand axe, arrowhead or blade cores. Imagine taking home your own piece of 'ancient' history.

demonstrating knapping techniques collection of hand axe, arrow head, blade cores, antler hammers and granite beach pebblesteaching flintknapping

Because Will is in such demand all over the UK, we've been very fortunate and privileged to get him down for a few days only.

The number of people on this course will be kept SMALL, as it's the best way to learn flintknapping skills. Small groups are better because we want you to get as much one-to-one time and guidance from Will as possible.

Lost for that memorable gift? Why not give someone an experience they will never forget, knapping their own stone tools in a fantastic woodland environment.

Now don't delay... get your booking form to us as soon as possible and don't pass up this chance to learn from the UK's TOP flintknapping expert!

Book NOW... and we'll see you in the woods.

knapping flintMy Flint Creationworking flint

We will provide all the materials you will need for your day knapping your own flint artifact.


If you are wanting a longer course or wish to know how to haft a handle on to your flint tool check out our

Weekend Flint Knapping Event
“I had a great time thanks, Will is an excellent teacher and very
generous with his hard earnt knowledge. His skills are
remarkable to say the least."          Kim Sandu

“Will was an absolute font of knowledge on his subject. In just one short day he managed to teach everyone the basics of a skill that would have been so essential to past survival."                 Chris Mallet


Course timing 9.30am to 3.30pm - Arrive 10 minutes before start time.
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