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Mindfulness in NatureHallo Hannah
Thanks so much for such a wonderful day. I was just saying to Jenny S I think play-days like this for adults help to pick up lost threads from the distant past, and I think very healing.

I loved the wood itself. The wood is really beautiful, so varied and with changes of scene and light, and so many kinds of trees, and the land itself offering so many different aspects.

The group was very supportive and interesting, and I enjoyed meeting new people as well as old friends. The bonfire was a lovely centre to come back to, and I liked the sharing and the rough-and-ready seating mingled with such comfortable high-tech armchairs (thank you Vic!)

The exercises were wonderful and heartening and frightening and fantastic and useful and thought-provoking and funny and totally memorable. I loved learning to walk like an Apache, and then going in single file pretending to be a tribe on the move but leaving only a single line of footprints, like some sort of collective Good King Wenceslas.

I am really proud of finding my tree, and of doing that blindfold walk, and I was surprised how proud I was that my partners also managed to so brilliantly in these exercises, especially Hillary and her tree. I loved Tom finding his oak, in fact I think he really is an oak in disguise as a human.
I liked the plant meditation and surprised myself in how that went, and I also liked finding my sunny spot and just 'being' alone for a bit in the wood.
I think I met some of my own objectives which was to get more in touch with my body, senses, feelings. And I will certainly not forget it. I think it was one of the most memorable days of my life and I am very happy for you to pass all this on to anyone if you want to.
Big thanks to Sue and Vic for proposing this, too.
Thank you again, I will be back for more.

Score: 5 out of 5

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