Nature Awareness Day
within beautiful woodland

Slow down, enjoy more!

Tree Spirit

A day to sustain you, awaken the senses and restore the magic of your life.
Learn how to develop and expand your senses in Nature to have a deeper and richer experience of your relationship with yourself and your natural environment. Time to stop, listen, breath and feel our innate connection to the beautiful world around us.

It is time for humanity to re-connect with the nature world!

Tree Qualities - Learn about and experience the healing qualities, energies and wisdom of the wonderful tree world and its amazing variety. Bark

Elemental Cave
Meditation in Nature - Develop your innate senses in nature and take a magical journey into your own being connecting with the beautiful plant kingdom. Commune with nature to receive answers to life questions.

Meet a Tree - would you like to expand and use your own innate natural senses to connect with the wild? This fascinating activity allows you to really have an experience of the tree spirit and create a relationship with it which will never be the same again.

Awareness Exercises beautiful, gentle exercises amongst the trees

The Sit Spot Taking time to slow down and re-connect, this exerise done on a regular basis can transform your experience of wild life and nature. 

Energy Field Tapping into the energy field around everything and everyone

How not to disturb the natural balance to move, to see, to be, to experience nature. 

Apache Walk Moving with out Trace

Fern unfoldingTree walkTemple walk

Further information
Water and hot drinks are provided.
We will work under a large parachute if raining. There is a bush toilet for your use.

Kit required:
Appropriate clothing and footwear for season (Wet Weather Gear)
Camping Chair/stool    Packed lunch/drink    Mug    Personal First Aid Kit

By train: We can collect from the local train station which is Aylesham or provide contact details of taxi if arriving in Canterbury.       
By car:   Directions to site will be sent via email prior to the course. Please do not use post-code from website as this is our office address and not where course is held.
There is car-parking space within the woodland. 

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Cost: £45 Per Person

Dates: Tuesday 24th March 2015(Places Available)
Thursday 30th April 2015(Places Available)
Wednesday 23rd September 2015(Places Available)

Nature Awareness £45 Per Person.

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Deposit £15 Per Person.

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Date:Tuesday 24th March 2015
Location:Woodland Near Canterbury, Kent

Type:One Day Bushcraft Course
With:Natural Pathways
Bookings:Per Person

Places Available
Hi Hannah, Many thanks for a lovely day. It was great to meet such a nice bunch of people and take a day 'out'. All the best, ...