Bushcraft Testimonials

Three Days Discovering Basic Bushcraft Skills in beautiful woodland locations

Discovery - Basic Survival - 3 Day CampRecently I attended a survival weekend at Natural Pathways. At the end of it I couldn`t wait to get home being both cold and tired. I slept for 13 hours! When I woke I felt elated at being back in familiar surroundings. However since then I have not been at work and have had time to reflect on my time with you. Because of your influence I have begun to see my surroundings in a different light; with more respect, and a better understanding. I have wanted too to be outside more, and have been through woodland and countryside soaking up the atmosphere born from a desire to learn more about what`s around me. During the weekend with you I was abit resistant to one or two things the group did, but looked and listened with an open mind and I have become richer as a result. Thanks to you both!! All the best and I would like to return in the near future, hopefully with my boys too.
Ashford, Kent

ps: Natural Pathways lead to New Horizons

Score: 5 out of 5

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