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A Fantastic One Day Flint Knapping Course in some Beautiful Kentish Woodland

Flint Knapping CourseHi Hannah

From my point of view it was a very successful day. A one day course in flintknapping is not going to make me an expert flintknapper - but it gave me a wonderful insight into the craft that was started by our ancestors.

What looks easy done by an expert is anything but easy and is the result of many years of working in the craft. It is good that Will is passing on some of his knowledge in this way and I was impressed by the way he ran the course. Leading us through the basics and explaining the whys and wherefores as well as the hows.

It was a good progressive day and we came away with some things that we actually made ourselves. Something that we can be proud of - even though it is very basic. It was something I certainly had never attempted before.

So thank you for arranging the course and my thanks to Will for the excellent way that he ran it. The weather, though a bit chilly was nevertheless excellent, and it was lovely to see the snodrops all around :-)

Best wishes

Score: 5 out of 5

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