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A Fantastic One Day Flint Knapping Course in some Beautiful Kentish Woodland

Flint Knapping CourseHello Hannah

It was a brilliant day and I have told everyone about it. Now this is completely true, the day after I went to a local boot-fair and on a second look through a box of 'junk' on the floor I spotted a tan coloured stone. Even with my limited experience from the day I could tell it was worked stone, the edges and the pressure flaking. I had a feeling it was a hand axe (but the shape was odd) so I Googled some images of hand axes and got a very good match - but the dates seemed amazingly old.

I took it along to an expert an the Thanet Archaeological Trust - and he confirmed that it indeed is a hand axe, last made 200,000 years ago - possibly up to 500,000-700,000 years old - the maker wasn't even a direct human ancestor.

I am in the process of getting the find scientifically registered and dated. But without the course and knowledge I picked up I would have missed this. Completely true - I sometimes have these odd coincidences; I was really looking for some antlers etc. to make my own tools...

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