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Three Day Wilderness Tracking Course

Footsteps TrackingWhen I attended the tracking course with Natural Pathways, I received much more than simple tuition on Tracking. Both Geoff and Hannah are genuinely lovely people who are not simply tutors but also friendly people who enjoy a good chat as much as they do teaching.

They not only taught me tracking skills, but they handed me the beginning of my path in life. One, which I am still pushing to fulfil! They introduced me into the worlds beyond the physical, which have now enriched my life more than I could have imagined. It is a gift that I am eternally grateful for. They opened me up, whether intentionally or not, to a wider nature with more levels than simply walking down the woods.

Attending a course with Natural Pathways gives you much more than the valuable skills designed for that specific course, it gives you awareness, joy and experience amongst other things. The world has been a more interesting place since I met them, to say the least.

Thank you very much Geoff and Hannah.

Yours Sincerely

Joel Atherton

Score: 5 out of 5

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