Bushcraft Testimonials

Three Days Discovering Bushcraft For Women

Women's Bushcraft Course - 3 Day CampWhat a wonderful weekend spent in the woods. So many things to learn from fire-starting, water purification, shelter building and foraging plus a whole lot more. Time stood still for 2 days, and it felt like i was a million miles away from home, with no cares or worries. Cooking on the camp fire and then all sitting and eating what we had cooked together was a really special experience. Hannah is a fountain of knowledge, and passes this on with ease. We did some amazing meditation in the woods, which made me feel like I had really connected with nature. I met some great girls and I am looking forward to doing this again. Next time I will sleep in my shelter that I built as I was a little bit scared to do this, but after seeing how the other girls enjoyed it I feel like I missed out. Thank you so much to Hannah, Marie Rose and Lucia, plus Anna, Charlie and Freya who kept the wood supply topped up and were on hand to help us if and when we needed. I would thoroughly recommend this weekend for anyone who loves to be in nature and also those who are looking to step out of their comfort zone.

Score: 5 out of 5

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