A weekend course

“In Just a weekend You'll Learn The 15 No-Fail Steps To Tracking Success – No Matter What Your Background Or Experience”

    It doesn't matter if you know nothing about Tracking, what it involves, or how to do it, we'll show you 15 easy steps to become a competent tracker. In three days you'll learn the basic skills of tracking and how to use them to increase your enjoyment of Bushcraft and the natural world around you.

With our unique teaching system, you'll have fun learning to read the landscape and everything that moves through it, in ways you never thought possible. You'll see things in a different light and a whole new world will be revealed to you.
This basic tracking course will show you how to read tracks and signs, move around with awareness of your surroundings, plus how to tune into your environment the same way animals do.

Here's just some of the things you'll learn on this course:

15 easy steps to become a wildlife & human tracker What makes a good tracker? There are a few traits all good trackers possess. It's important to know they're NOT some sort of mystical power handed down by the gods.Far from it. They're easily learned and can be developed with a little practice. We'll reveal what they are and how easy it is to develop them!

What tools you need to track animals and humans successfully. We'll show you what you need on any tracking trip. You'll be surprised at how little you need and how to effectively use the simple things you do need!   Fox Print
How to read, interpret and follow 'sign'. This is the core skill to master. We'll show you all the different types of sign there are and how to make sense of it all. Believe me, when this is revealed and you practice reading sign – you'll see the landscape in a completely different way – guaranteed

• How to 'read' any landscape or environment. When animals and humans move across and through any terrain, they do so following certain patterns. When you know what these patterns are, you can read the environment and predict their movement with stunning accuracy. All will be revealed on this course!

• How weather, time and ground conditions affect a track. When you know how these things act upon a track, you'll be able to make accurate judgements about what, where, when and who made the track!

How to read, interpret and follow 'sign'
• The infamous 'Tracking Stick'. We'll show you how to make, use and care for a tracking stick. These are a fantastic aid when out tracking. They're very versatile and can be used to measure known tracks – and more importantly – used to discover the faintest of marks that seem almost invisible to the untrained eye. One thing's for sure: once you learn how to use a tracking stick, you'll feel naked tracking without one!

• How to stalk – the right way. You'll learn the correct way to approach an animal or human without drawing attention to yourself. Game keepers and hunters since the beginning of time have used these techniques to 'close in' on their target. You'll learn how to master this fascinating skill through fun activities designed to hone your technique to perfection. Be prepared to have a boat-load of fun learning this!

...tell if your quarry is trying to evade you 
• 3 ways to use your sight. You can employ three types of 'vision' when you're out tracking. They help you in different ways to read the landscape and take in subtle details you'd normally miss. You'll be using and practising these types of vision throughout the course!

• The 'Observation Trail'. Test your vision skills on our unique observation trail. It's a fun way for you to measure your newly learned vision skills. Can you beat the scores of the others on the course? Try it and find out. Game on!

• How to tell if your quarry is trying to evade you. When tracking humans – especially if they're bad guys - they very often try to use evasion tactics to throw you off the scent. Well the good news is – we'll show you what the most common ones are - and how to spot the tactic when you see it!

        Badger Tracks in sand   Dog Print   Fox Tracks

• You just chase after people and look for footprints don't you? WRONG! There's an easy system you follow when tracking humans. Use this system and you'll stay hot on their trail, sharp as a tack and disciplined throughout the pursuit!

How to interpret prints. A footprint of any kind – animal or human – leaves clues about their speed, direction and physical and mental condition. We'll show you some of over four thousand clues and give-away signs left by a simple track on the ground. Hard to believe? See for yourself!

How to 'tune in' to any environmentDid you know animals and birds can sense if you mean to kill them or do harm to the environment? It's true – and we prove it to you. Wildlife 'know' when something's a potential danger to them and alert other animals to this fact. You'll learn one of nature's best kept secret alarm signals. This is not to be missed!

How to use 'dead space' to your advantage. When some animals stalk their prey, they use cover and dead space to maximum advantage. We show what's going on with this and how you can use it too!

• What do you do if you lose the tracks you're following? There will always be times when you lose the trail of your quarry. But the good news is – there's a way of finding them again even in the harshest environment. Be prepared to be amazed at how to do this one!

• How to 'tune in' to any environment. Each day you'll practice a technique for switching on to all the sights, sounds and smells around you. Doing this technique will greatly enhance your tracking abilities and increase your awareness. Be warned – this is very eye opening!

...a truly amazing experience and one you'll always remember.• How to set up an area of ground and attract wildlife into it over night. You'll prepare a number of critical locations around our camp, use techniques to attract wildlife into those locations, leave them unattended overnight and examine the tracks left next morning. There are a few ways to do this. You'll learn how to do it so you can practice this anywhere just for fun! IMPORTANT NOTE: At no point will these techniques harm, scare or injure ANY wildlife – guaranteed.

Trusting all your senses. You get to experience a unique night time activity using all your senses except sight. Yes, we'll show you how to trust all your other senses when it's so dark you can't see the hand in front of your face. This is a truly amazing experience and one you'll always remember. It's perfectly safe and the confidence it gives you is like nothing you've ever experienced before. In fact – some students love it so much, they say it's the best part of the course!

OK, so those are some of the things we'll be covering. And there's a whole lot more we'll be experiencing over the weekend of this action packed course.

You don't need any previous experience of Bushcraft to attend this course, but you
do need to be able to rough it for a couple of days in the outdoors.

Now, it's only fair to warn you this course might not suit everyone. We'll be out in all weathers and crawling, kneeling and laying on the ground during the weekend. If you're prepared to get a bit dirty and up-close-and-personal with mother earth, then this is the course for you. 

This is a fast paced course with a LOT of information and physical activities packed into it. 

We'll be camping out in the woods so bring along a tent, waterproof clothing and boots to suit outdoor activities. A notebook and pen/pencil will be great to take down notes and to draw different tracks and signs. Food and hot drinks will be provided.

We also promise you will NOT be asked to do anything, or put in any situation you don't feel comfortable with. Our take on this is simple – we want you to be as comfortable as the conditions allow. If we don't do that, you'll switch off and won't take in the information we want to get across. And that's NOT good for anyone.  

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This weekend is about getting back to basics, we do not have the use of showers but will provide water, soap and bowl for washing.

Kit list and directions will be sent out to you approximately one month prior to course date.

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<div id="Layer2" style="z-index: 9; left: 0%; visibility: show; width: 160px; position: relative; top: 1100px;"> <p align="center"><font color="#999999" size="1">TRACKING COURSE UK<br /><br /><a href="http://www.natural-pathways.co.uk/"><font color="#999999">Natural Pathways</font></a><br />Tracking School uk<br /><br />Human, Animal &amp; Wildlife tracking Course</font></p> </div> <div id="Layer1" style="z-index: 2; left: 0%; visibility: show; width: 160px; position: relative; top: 1150px;"> <p align="justify"><a><font color="#999999" size="1">Tracking Course - how to follow wildlife tracks or tracking an enemy, Movement by Day, deception tactics with principles &amp; techniques of stalking wildlife, Correct drill for track pursuit and lost tracks. Learn the attributes of a tracker. We will look at signs, defining and explaining the factors that affect them. Covering practical exercises, which you may find challenging, but are fun and rewarding.</font></a></p> </div> <div id="Layer3" style="z-index: 2; left: 0%; visibility: show; width: 160px; position: relative; top: 1200px;"> <p align="justify"><a><font color="#999999" size="1">As an established tracking school running many tracking courses on: attributes of a tracker, sign, day movement, deception tactics, principles &amp; techniques. Track pursuit and lost tracks drills. Learning tracking skills is challenging, exciting yet practical. We teach night stalking wildlife following animal tracks with nature awareness. Whatever your quarry you'll discover aging wildlife tracks, peripheral vision &amp; silent movement, stalking techniques following animal-human tracks and footprints, use of a sand box, concealment, how to camouflage shapes and use shadow, wide angle vision and measuring tracks. Types of animal gaits &amp; track patterns, trail observation plus use of tracking equipment, the fire stalk, how to brush out human &amp; dog tracks.</font></a></p> </div>

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