We are currently gathering details for this course,

please come back soon for full details.

This weekend is about getting back to basics, we do not have the use of showers but will provide water, soap and bowl for washing.

Kit list and directions will be sent out to you approximately one month prior to course date.

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<div id="Layer2" style="z-index: 9; left: 0%; visibility: show; width: 160px; position: relative; top: 1100px;"> <p align="center"><font color="#999999" size="1">TRACKING COURSE UK<br /><br /><a href="http://www.natural-pathways.co.uk/"><font color="#999999">Natural Pathways</font></a><br />Tracking School uk<br /><br />Human, Animal &amp; Wildlife tracking Course</font></p> </div> <div id="Layer1" style="z-index: 2; left: 0%; visibility: show; width: 160px; position: relative; top: 1150px;"> <p align="justify"><a><font color="#999999" size="1">Tracking Course - how to follow wildlife tracks or tracking an enemy, Movement by Day, deception tactics with principles &amp; techniques of stalking wildlife, Correct drill for track pursuit and lost tracks. Learn the attributes of a tracker. We will look at signs, defining and explaining the factors that affect them. Covering practical exercises, which you may find challenging, but are fun and rewarding.</font></a></p> </div> <div id="Layer3" style="z-index: 2; left: 0%; visibility: show; width: 160px; position: relative; top: 1200px;"> <p align="justify"><a><font color="#999999" size="1">As an established tracking school running many tracking courses on: attributes of a tracker, sign, day movement, deception tactics, principles &amp; techniques. Track pursuit and lost tracks drills. Learning tracking skills is challenging, exciting yet practical. We teach night stalking wildlife following animal tracks with nature awareness. Whatever your quarry you'll discover aging wildlife tracks, peripheral vision &amp; silent movement, stalking techniques following animal-human tracks and footprints, use of a sand box, concealment, how to camouflage shapes and use shadow, wide angle vision and measuring tracks. Types of animal gaits &amp; track patterns, trail observation plus use of tracking equipment, the fire stalk, how to brush out human &amp; dog tracks.</font></a></p> </div>

Touching The Earth
Animal Tracking

A One Day Families Tracking Course

Ever wanted to learn how to track animals,… creep up on wildlife silently,… to observe their behaviour up close?… Then this is the course for you!

On this families camp over just a single day we will cover:- Wildlife tracking, observation, gaits (have great fun learning to move just like wildlife) silent movement, peripheral vision, concentric rings, animal tracks & prints and much more, interested? just click here.