Coracle Building

With David Freeman

Coracles once served to ferry people across rivers, but now are used to fish for prized salmon and sea trout.

This nimble, versatile, traditional vessel can be round or oval-shaped and carefully hand crafted of willow or ash laths woven together in a basketwork pattern, the hull is covered with fabric or hides and sealed with pitch.


We are delighted to have the pleasure of inviting David Freeman to Natural Pathways for the very first time.

David has been teaching coracle building for many years now and runs workshops in many parts of the country.

He will be instructing you on the skills of building your very own Coracle from willow and if time allows, there will be a trip to the water to try it out. David will also talk about early boats in archaeology.


Wilderness Bushcraft Courses in the UK

All materials are provided on the day.
Please make provision for transporting your coracle home with you. Approximate dimensions 4’ x 3’ and 12" - 18" deep.

No Experience Necessary  

We have no planned dates for this course, should you be interested once we do, please contact us.

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