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Tracking Courses

Photos from past Tracking Events

  • Squirrel-Feeding
  • Feeding Squirrel in Oak
  • Tracking Course March 09
  • Examining human tracks
  • Group tracking course

  • Examining a trail
  • Grey Squirrel
  • Fox & Magpie
  • Tracking
  • Badger TracksBadger Tracks

  • Squirrel track
  • Badger sett
  • Plaster casts of tracks
    & Field Guides
  • Using a Tracking
    reference Guide
  • Badger sett

  • Evening around the fire
  • Rabbit
  • Hedgehog
  • Examining pressure
  • Fox track showing hairs

  • Finding sign
  • Gray Squirrel (Genus Sciurus)Gray Squirrel (Genus
  • Coal tit
  • Muntjac DeerMuntjac Deer
  • Squirrel (Genus Sciurus)

  • Fox & Pheasant TracksFox & Pheasant

Touching The Earth Animal Wisdom

A One Day Wildlife Course

This Families Bushcraft Course covers tracking animals and their movements, silent movement, nature awareness and more.
On this day you will discover how to walk silently so you can get close to wildlife… which track belongs to what and how to move just like our native animals. A fun day for the whole family